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Nov 22, 2006 09:57 PM

Looking for good Italian deli's in San Diego

Looking for good Italian deli's in San Diego. More specifically I'm looking for deli's that have Italian stuffed cherry peppers also known as pepper shooters in or around downtown San Diego, better yet in the South Bay. My brother and father are in love with them and request I bring them with me every time I come home but with the new travel restrictions I can't carry them on with me any more. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

They look like this

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Pepper shooters are sold at Mimmo's Italian Village on India St. in Little Italy.

    A slightly better Italian deli is Mona Lisa, also on India St., but I don't remember seeing pepper shooters the last time I was there.

    1. The deli in the front end of Filippis Little Italy.

      1. Assenti's Pasta, also on India.

        1. the stuffed peppers at Mona Lisa were acceptable, but not great. The stuffing was too hard, and was somewhat hard to taste over the heat of the peppers.

          1. Thank you so much!!! I will be sure to make a trip to Little Italy and get a sample for them to decide which they prefer the best.

            Thanks again!