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McCrady's in Charleston

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We'll be taking a 2 day escape-from-the-4-year-old to Charleston next month, and I was hoping to get some feedback on McCrady's. The menu looks stellar, and I understand the recently added chef is quite talented. Any experiences? Where is "the place to eat" in Charleston?

Much thanks!

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  1. Nearly any place you go in Charleston will be good. McCradys looked good but perhaps a little shi-shi. Some of my favs: Hominy Grill (for brunch), Hyman's or Fleet Landing(for seafood), Jestine's Kitchen (for soul food), and Blossom Cafe for anything.

    1. We absolutely adored FIG when we went for our honeymoon. I wanted to go to McCrady's, but we never found time to fit it in. Supposed to be pretty awesome, esp. with the new chef, as you said. see my (long) honeymoon post:
      another one we wanted to try but didn't fit in was Sienna on Daniel Island. This came highly recommended by a good buddy of mine who's a chef... the menu looks pretty spectacular, too.

      1. We went to Charleston a few weeks ago for a wedding and the rehearsal dinner was at McCrady's. It was outstanding. I don't think I've ever had food that good at a rehearsal dinner. And the place is gorgeous.

        I also second FIG. We went on account of HeelsSoxHound's honeymoon report, and we were very happy with our meal. Especially with the pate and Portuguese fish stew.

        1. Thanks for the thoughts. FIG is another one on my shirt list, but the more I hear about McCrady's, the more I am leaning towards doing it. We'll be there for 2 dinners, so maybe FIG as well?

          Any suggestions on hotels and/or wine shops worth looking at?

          1. Chef Sean Brock has done amazingly creative things to food here in Charleston and when he was Head Chef in Nashville at The Capitol Grille .. more on Chef Brock here:


            from the website:
            Brock, now 27, has a long list of accomplishments and accolades to his credit, including two dinners for the James Beard Foundation, a feature on the Food Network, numerous glowing reviews and local awards, and apprenticeships with acclaimed chefs.

            1. Look McCrady's is one of the best restaurants I've ever been to, the chef is amazing as well as his cooking technics. The dish that i found to be the most creative, and the strangest, was the liquid nitrogened strawberry's.

              Who the hell wrote Hymans as having good food? That food is shit because none of it is fresh it's all frozen. When you walk by this restaraunt you might see a big crowd waiting to get in, but don't believe that because the only reason they have a line outside is becasue they close half the restaraunt.

              Hominy Grill, I would suggest as a great brunch, the food there is much like southern home cooking, with grits, sausage, the works.

              Another great restaraunt is one across the street from Hominy Grill, by the name of Lana. This food is spectacular and I would highly reccomend it to anywhere, aswell as McCradys.\

              If you are looking for 5 star food, I would try these restaraunts.
              1. McCradys
              2. Tristen
              3. Lana
              4. Charleston Place
              5. Langdons
              6. Cypress
              7. High Cotton
              8. Magnolia
              9. Basil

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                As I posted here


                I had a very poor dinner at McCrady's on New Year's Eve. Maybe the chef just had a terrible night (but surely not a good night to pick for that). Neither of the tables next to us enjoyed their meal either.

              2. DO NOT GO TO HYMAN'S!!!!!! I DON'T CARE IF THEY SAY THEY ARE THE TOP SEAFOOD RESTAURANT! Definitely go to Fig or Blossom or McCrady's (especially if you like wine - they were in the top 50 or 100 for Wine Spectator). Magnolia's, SNOB, or Hank's would all provide an excellent example of the "Southern" cuisine experience. Peninsula Grill, Charleston Grill, or Circa 1886 would offer the ultimate and most authentic experience - but only for those with no cost limitations.

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                  You really need to add Cordavi to your list of must eat spots. While FIG was good, and while I never made it to McCrady's, Cordavi rocked. Very creative, ingredients well sourced and extremely fresh.

                  Excellent meal.