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Nov 22, 2006 09:28 PM

Cheese fondue in London?

I'm flying to London and meeting up with an old friend who I met when we were both exchange students in Switzerland. I thought it would be fun to take her out for fondue for a little Swiss reunion.

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    1. Yes, try it. It's a weird place. There's a club downstairs where the Kinks (among others) used to play in the 60s.
      We went once to find it empty, but they turned us away anyway cos we hadn't booked.
      Next time we booked and there was a large vice in the room with a cheese wedged in it. Waitresses in braids and gingham. Food was okay but a bit comical - didn't have the fondue but it'd be the real thing. A puzzle of a place.

      1. I've heard Walluc in East London has fondue and raclette's - its a Swiss-Italian restaurant.