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Nov 22, 2006 09:05 PM

I am, right this minute, making the oddest Nigella recipe

but I saw it and was really curious. Basically, you melt Milky Ways and butter and then stir in cornflakes, spoon into small muffin papers and refrigerate.

I've looked several hundred times at the recipe, but is, in fact, Nigella and NOT Sandra Lee semihomemade.

Nigella warns that the nougat takes a long time to melt and, indeed, it does. The Milky Ways and butter have been on a low flame on a flame tamer for quite a while. The chocolate and butter have melted completely and are giving an occasional lava like burpy bubble, but there are still all these lumps of nougat that don't want to melt and be incorporated.

These are either going to be disturbingly delicious or absolutely hideous.

They are certainly the least chow-ish recipe I've made in decades.

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  1. Well, since she also has recipes for Fried Banana and Peanut Butter Sandwiches ala Elvis as well as for deep fried candy bars.......

    I still love her, though.

    1. marcia, one of my fav choc desserts involves feuillete( a product like ground european flaky cigarette cookies)which is added to a ganache or truffle base and layered into a loaf pan (terrine). the crunchiness combined with the rich creaminess is quite wonderful.michel richard of citron in d.c. is famous for this recipe.
      i also just rcvd in the mail today a jacques torres chocolate bar called "A.M." made of various breakfast cereals ground and added to choc ganache.

      do let us know how yours turns out.

      1. One of my favorite childhood "I'm helping Mom" holiday treats was (and remains) clusters of cheerios enrobed in Ghirardelli milk chocolate.
        It's the creamy-crunchy, sweet/salty thing. Like choc cov'd pretzels with caramel.

        These are likely to be delicious to anyone with a sweet tooth.

        1. We make rice crispy squares with Mars bars and they melt the same way. They still combine when you stir them together as long as the nougat nuggets (I just HAD to) are soft enough.

          1. that reminds me of a dessert that my grandmother used to make... melted chocolate with smashed cookies and corn flakes that she would refrigerate in a loaf pan. it was served sliced. i cant remember what else was in it but it was heaven...

            on another note, i definitely have a culinary crush on nigella!