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Nov 22, 2006 08:55 PM

Minor turkey breast crisis

I ordered an 8-10 lb capon from Whole Foods and when I went to pick it up this morning, it turned out all the capons came in small and all they had for me was a 6.5 lb bird. They suggested a brined, boneless turkey breast to supplement and I agreed.

So there it is in the refrigerator. A 2.5 lb boneless breast. My plan is to rub it with some butter and herbs and roast it in the 375 oven along with the capon.

Here are my questions. It comes all wrapped up in a string net sort of arrangement. Cook it with the string net, I assume, so it will maintain its sort of rounded footballish shape? Do I want to take it out of its bag and let it be exposed to the air overnight in the fridge the way I would with a regular turkey? And here's the biggy -- it would be nice if everything could be done at about the same time. Any idea how long per lb to cook it all trussed up like that at 375?

Many, many thanks.

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  1. You are supposed to be able to cook with that net on but I always take it off and re-truss with kitchen twine,.....but now i have those nifty food loops and I guess they would work.

    I don't really go by the clock so much as I do temperature and woulld want to pull them out of the oven when they reach 150-155 F. It will be about 2 hours.

    If I had a boneless breast I would remove the net, open it out and pound it to get a fairly even piece of meat, being careful not to tear the skin, and then spread dressing over it and roll up and tie. Then roast. It would look very pretty when carved.