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Nov 22, 2006 08:50 PM

Group Dinner in the East Village

Looking for a place for dinner somewhere in the East Village for about 9 people. Any cuisine is fine just as long as there are vegetarian options. It would also be nice if it was not too expensive, with most entrees under $16-17. Thanks!

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  1. esperanto on 9th and c is pretty good for groups - they've accomodated parties of 12 for me in the past! and it's yummy latin food.

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    1. re: shirlotta

      and along that vein, boca chica as well.

    2. Madras Cafe, a vegetarian South Indian restaurant, seems to fit your criteria.

      1. I love Mancora, first ave and 6th street. Cheep, yummy purivian food. Great sangria and mohetoes and I crave there tameles.

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        1. re: maxine

          Hmmm...I have written them off for anything except pollo a la brasa since the last time I ate in. When was the last time you were there?

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            Last time I was there was this summer. I usually end up just sharing a bunch of appitizers with others, and since most are served with salad and those adddictive corn things, I end up really full on little money. But again I love there tamales (I forgot what the're called there).

        2. What about Mamlouk? I think they're fairly veg-friendly. Great food.

          1. ooh bianca off the bowery..maybe bleeker?
            delicious, inexpensive italian.