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Nov 22, 2006 08:33 PM

Gravy for deep fried turkey?

I'm planning to deep fry a turkey tomorrow and am looking for a good gravy recipe. I've seen recipes to bake chicken wings for their fat and use that; broil veggies and puree them, adding in a roux and a chicken/beef broth mixture, etc. Any suggestions? I want to make sure I have plenty of gravy to go around, and would like as traditional a flavor as I can attain.

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  1. Not to pump our sister site too much, but CHOW's thanksgiving menu has a tasty-looking bourbon-cream gravy with their fried turkey.

    1. If yu have some turkey or chicken parts, roast them and make a stock from them, using the rendered fat for the roux. If you are deep frying the turkey, you could take off the wings to use for stock if you have no other spare parts.

      1. I bought wings on Sunday and roasted them and saved any drippings, and there were 2 big wings so there were plenty of drippings, deglazed the roasting pan and saved that. The next day the wings went into a stock pot with a couple of quartered onions, chunks of celery, chopped up carrot, pepper corns, parlsey and salt, cold water to cover. I simmered that all afternoon. Discarded the veg, picked the meat off of the bones, my dogs had a treat, saved 2 C. of beautifully gelatinized stock for gravy and we had soup from the rest last night. Not bad for $4.00 worth of wings. Looking forward to that gravy!

        1. I roast up 5+ lbs of turkey wings with onions, carrots, celery, and mushrooms, and then boil them to make stock. I deglaze the roasting pan and save all fond and fat, and use with the stock to finish off the gravy. Comes out great