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Nov 22, 2006 08:27 PM

cranberry muffins

I would like to make cranberry muffins tomorrow morning. I have
a hectic morning and was wondering how the muffins would turn out if I made the batter in advance, covered the bowl and put it in the fridge.Tomorrow morning I plan on taking the batter out,bringing it to room temp and baking them.
Will this work?
Thank you in advance

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  1. I think what I would do is mix my dry ingredients and set aside and the same with the wet and combine the 2 in the AM. If you mix it all up and wait 'til morning your baking powder would lose some of its power and you would end up with heavy flattish muffins.

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      Follow Candy's advice, she knows what she talks about!Combine in a.m., but do all the measuring and fixen tonite, then just put it all together in the morning.

    2. If you're using frozen cranberries (which I'd recommend over dried cranberries), add them to the dry ingredients in the morning before combining the wet and dry. Otherwise, you'll have pink muffins.

      1. I agree. Don't combine your wet and dry ingredients and your cranberries until right before you bake. I actually did the "mix muffin batter the night before" thing and got very disappointing, flat muffins the next day.

        1. Actually, I've mixed completely mixed muffin batter the night before, and got good results the next morning. I made blueberry muffins from a box mix, and added orange flavored craisins. They turned up fine (although a bit on the orange side).

          1. Since it takes all of about 30 seconds to combine the pre-mixed wet and dry ingredients, I would not recommend doing a complete muffin batter (or cake batter) the night before, especially if the batter contains buttermilk, yogourt or sour cream together with baking soda. You wouldn't want to go there.