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Nov 22, 2006 07:49 PM

King Oscar brand products (MSP)

This is an odd request but as a gift from someone we are trying to locate King Oscar brand products - anchovies, sardines, etc. We've tried Surdyks and Bill's Imported foods so far with no luck. Any chance someone else knows who carries them in the Twin Cities? (BumbleBee tuna is their US distributor).


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  1. I'm almost sure I've gotten their sardines at Lunds....

    Uncle Ira

    1. I looked at Lund's (Uptown) on Wednesday while I was doing some last minute Thanksgiving shopping.

      They had 4 types of King Oscar sardines, but no other types of fish.


      1. Thank you! I will head to a Lunds today. It is a gift for friends who named their newborn son after the former King of Norway/Sweden and the fish company's namesake :).

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          Maybe late for your needs, but try Ingebretsen's on Lake Street. All things Scandinavian.