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Nov 22, 2006 07:49 PM

New restaurants in Manhattan?

the OU has just announced that they are are now providing supervision the following restaurants:

153 E. 53rd Street (Lexington Avenue)
New York, NY

Olympic Pita
58 West 38 Street
917-747-1400(OU GLATT)

Are these new or just now being supervised by the OU?

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  1. Moshe's Cafe has been there a few years. It's in the plaza of the Citicorp center. They used to have a different supervision, I think some Sephardic one from Brooklyn. I'm glad they got OU, since the last time I went by there wasn't any kashrut certificate in the window and I was worried I had lost my quick french fry fix.

    1. Is this Olympic Pita any relation to the one in Brooklyn?

      ETA: Did a little poking around and it appears it is:

      Can't wait for that laffa -- woo hoo!

      1. OK, just made the trip over to Olympic Pita, and well, it was worth it. Got the laffa shawarma (10.50), came with a self serve side of salad. Asked them to throw in some "chips" and they did so no problem. The meat was nice and meaty, not grissle (is that spelled right?), not to greasy either. The laffa was nice, had sesame seeds on it, and was real nice. AND, THE WHOLE THING DID NOT FALL APART.

        I believe this will be a fast favorite once words spreads.