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Nov 22, 2006 07:27 PM

Seller's Market Crab Melt - Disappointing...

I just had the crab melt from the new SM at 595 Market. I work in the building and it's my 2nd visit (had the BBQ chicken sandwich they day after they opened and loved it!) But today, not so much. I ordered it without the pepperjack, just cheddar, not wanting to detract from the crab flavor, which they advertise as fresh daily. I was thinking with dungeness season just starting it would be really good... but it was fishy tasting, the dressing was vinegary/watery which made the barely browned sourdough even more soggy. For $10.80 (w/tax) pretty disappointing. I won't order it again.

So I guess I'll stick with BBQ chicken next time.... or maybe the grilled ham & cheese, has any had it?

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  1. I've had the crab melt there a few times. They have it all year now so I'm not sure where they're sourcing it from. Their grilled sandwiches often get soggy the way they package the sandwich and salad in the same plastic container. I've had the ham & cheese too. Kind of the same story--lots of cheese, lots of sog. Ok in a guilty pleasure/bad grilled cheese kind of way.

    What I'm really addicted to there is the tomato bisque--it's really good and spicy and always consistent. I get the soup and salad usually. Sometimes the salad sucks because it's overdressed or has crappy soggy pieces mixed in, but overall it works.

    1. I don't like their warm sandwiches -- the bread just isn't right for them, and the way they're packaged always makes them soggy. They need to change that.

      1. I have had the sandwich twice. The difference may be that I ate the sandwich on premise, at the restaurant. I enjoyed it both times.