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Nov 22, 2006 06:37 PM

New vegetarian options near Hollywood?

Some years ago I frequently visited Carnival, Carousel, Zankou, Sham, Abbot Kinney Pizza, Ding Tai Feng, Blue Marlin, Sunnin, and a bunch of restaurants in Monterey Park and Artesia, eating terrific vegetarian meals at restaurants that serve lots of meat. Even Campanile and Border Grill have made me exceedingly nice food. I'd like to dine royally tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday in and around Hollywood but I'm willing to go as far as Venice. Where? I do not eat dairy products or eggs.

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  1. Paru and Truly come to mind.

    Paru is vegetarian Indian food, and it's quite good.
    Truly is vegetarian Thai food, and it's also good.

    Paru’s Indian Vegetarian
    5140 Sunset Boulevard, Just West of Normandie
    (323) 661-7600

    5907 Hollywood Boulevard (just west of Bronson

    1. Thanks, but you sort of missed the point. And Paru's is not a good restaurant.

      1. Hello,
        I've heard that the chef at Grace will make a wonderful vegetarian tasting menu and that he is quite accomodating.

        Wilson in Culver City is out of this world - I had a delicious vegetarian pot-pie there a few weeks ago. Not sure if the crust was butterless, though. The chefs there seemed to be open to special dietary constraints. It's worth a try...but might be worth an advance phone call to see what's on the menu, or to allow the chefs time to make something really special for you. Wonderful wine list, too.

        1. The BEST vegan place in all of LA is M Cafe. Amazing desserts too. Melrose and Labrea.

          1. I'd second the suggestion for M Cafe de Chaya. My vegetarian friends love it. Here's a link to their webpage, with menu and address, etc.: