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Nov 22, 2006 06:32 PM

British Food

I know about a year or so ago there was a posting reagrding british food in Jeanie Bean (this has since closed) and stop and shop selling some english produce- is this still true?
Anyone know where i can get some british chocolate and crisps from around here (i am in monticello).... thanks so so much!

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  1. The only British places I can think of are both in Manhattan. There's Tea & Sympathy on 11th St. and Meyer's of Keswick on 9th Avenue (I think). Hope that helps.

      1. This is really the wrong board, but there is a place in Rhinebeck, NY that serves Brit food and sells candy bars at the check out. Its called A Spot of Tea. Very authentic. Very cute. Accross the river and north from monticello.

        1. Where is Monticello? Did you mean to post in the Tristate board instead? If not, look to Queens! There are shops selling Irish and some British products in Sunnyside and Woodside both. They have sweets and crisps for sure. Look for posts on the Butcher's Block (in Sunnyside) or the 61st street deli (on 61st next to Pepino's, right at the subway stop).

          The Butcher's Block has all the British crisps, latest flavours and the old classics. The 61st Street deli changed hands and now sells more varieties of chocolates than ever. They even have Maynard's Wine Sours, which I haven't found ANYwhere else. They also have all the biscuits you know and love, although if it's just digestives you want, most Chinese and Indian shops have them.

          As far as British produce, try Myers of Keswick - although even there they haven't much. It's just not caught on here, although I did hear there was someone at the Union Square green market selling Cox's Orange Pippins.

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          1. To keep it OB:

            The Key food on 5th Avenue and Baltic (?) has a Brit food section. Just about everywhere seems to sell Brit candies like Cadbury Flake, KitKat Chunky, and Maltesers.(Certainly the Key on Flatbush up by Prospect PL has these chocolates and more in the check out aisle.

            I think that Blue Apron has been selling Walkers Crisps, but possibly for a ludicrous markup.