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Nov 22, 2006 06:32 PM

Nice Lunch/ Brunch Suggestions for Saturday

I'm not from here, and I'm in search of a nice, upscale lunch/brunch for this Saturday. We are staying Kensington, Maryland area, but we can and plan on driving anywhere. The whole family is in town (including Me and my in-laws) and we have a group of 11. I prefer a price range of around less than 30 a person...but price is secondary if the place and food is right.

We are open to any cuisines. Much thanks in advance.

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  1. If you're willing to drive to Bailey's Crossroads/Falls Church in NoVa, then you must go to Duangrat's, the best Thai place in the whole DC area.

    You will flip. I guarantee it.

    They have a little companion restaurant just around the corner, called Rabieng, next to their Thai grocery store. The food at Rabieng is also wonderful, but it's darker, and more casual, and I tend to go to Duangrat's, which is light and elegant and you can still wear your jeans and be treated like royalty.

    1. Perfect. Stay in Montgomery Cty and just drive south on Georgia Ave. or 16th St from Kensington. I recommend you visiting Mrs. K's toll house in Silver Spring. There, you can have lunch, or if you want to go on Sunday, they serve their all american brunch.

      Afterwards, you guys can go over to the newer downtown silver spring. There, you can catch a movie at the stadium seating Majestic theatres, browse at Borders, or have some ice cream at Cold Stone's or Ben & Jerry's.

      If for whatever reason you're in the mood for a saturday dim sum lunch, you should try the nearby Oriental East. You must get there early as a line usually forms by 10:30 am (open at 11am). Reservations not allowed for dim sum. Don't consider any other dim sum joint in Wheaton because it's not worth it.

      1. I would check to see if if these spots take big parties but a few suggestions are
        1. Georgia Brown's- Southern Cuisine-
        2. Tabbard Inn- classic brunch but can be crowded- here is the website with a sample summer menu
        3. Brasserie Monte Carlo is in Bethesda so it is outside the city

        Good Luck and let me know how it goes!

        1. Blue Duck Tavern in the West End offers Saturday brunch. I have only been in their previous incarnation as Melrose (chef still the same) but it fits your upscale/fine food requirement. If moderate, tasty and close by works The Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton does an off the menu brunch on Saturdays until 2 or 2:30. They are usually not too busy that time of the day so getting a table should not be a problem. Mon Ami Gabi in Bethesda also does a Saturday lunch/brunch menu with a bloody mary bar. It's off the menu and I actually prefer the day menu to the evening one. It probably comes closest to what you are looking for-nice atmosphere, fits the budget. It is a chain but a nice one. Stay away from Mrs. K's. In my opinion it's just plain food at very high prices.

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            Huh? Mrs. K's has plain food at VERY high prices?

            Their lunch salads are around $10. Soup $4. In fact, most of their lunch entrees are around $12, with the most expensive being a jumbo lump crab cake entree being $17.

            Blue Duck Tavern has brunch entrees alone at $17-$26, with starters from $2-$14. You're not making sense even though the poster said that price is secondary.