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Nov 22, 2006 06:28 PM

Restaurants near Tokyo Tower, on Dec 23

We will be arriving in Tokyo on a Saturday afternoon, the Emperor's Birthday. We would like to have a nice, relaxing meal that evening near our hotel, the Shiba Park in Shiba-koen near the Tokyo Tower. Is that a national holiday and will that affect restaurants? Can you recommend a place to eat that we could walk to or have just a short cab ride?

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  1. Yes, it's a holiday, and a lot of places will be closed, especially in that neighborhood. is a restaurant map of the neighborhood; your hotel is just north of Crescent restaurant on the map.

    Daigo serves top-class shojin-ryori (temple cuisine), is very close, and may be open (since they're open on Sundays). Yamanekoya has great Okinawan food, and is even closer. Do you have any preferences regarding budget or type of cuisine?

    1. What a great map, thanks! Budget of no more than $125 pp and type of cuisine is wide open, since we'll have six more days of eating after this. Can you tell me what constitutes Okinawan food and temple cuisine? Also, do you know of a restaurant called Tofu-ya Ukai? I have heard good things and think it's close by. Tofu is appealing since one of my traveling companions keeps Kosher. (Yeah, I know, good luck to him.)

      1. I've heard Ukai is very good, and they seem to be open every day, but I think you'll need to reserve quite a bit ahead of time. Perhaps your hotel can help.

        Here's a short piece on Okinawan cuisine: <> - basically there are a lot of pork dishes, good seafood, and Spam in odd places. Daigo serves vegetarian temple cuisine, with lots of yuba and tofu dishes, but it starts at Y14,000 before drinks.