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Nov 22, 2006 06:03 PM

Anyone have or used a Viking oven?

I need to replace my 20 year old Dacor (which I never liked very much) & someone recced a Viking. I love my Miele DW and was thinking of a Miele oven...any comparisons? advice? thanks...

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  1. I like my Viking enough to have moved it with me last time (hubby and friend did the actual physical work). It has plenty of power, a few weird problems at first but all under warranty. I guess I've had it about 15 years. Well if I had to get another one, I'd look around at what else there is, just human nature but I've been happy with it.

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      Viking Products Do NOT Purchase. Bad customer service!!!! We purchased two products from Viking and NEVER again. Our refrigerator was fixed at least 12 times. It is poorly constructed. This a designer refrigerator and all it does it looks good. I am a gourmet cook and I use a refrigerate, so I know what I am talking about. I would be better of purchasing any low class appliance and I probably would'nt have to have it fixed this many times. Same with the six burner range. Very disappointed and running out of patients. I will definitely love to pursue some sort of law suit.

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        My friend who owns a Viking Range told me the same thing. He said in one of the emails to me when I was remodeling my old home,"Viking Sucks".

    2. Are you talking about wall oven or a range? I have a range and I must say it's pretty good. In the six to seven years I have had it I only had a temperature gauge/sensor short on me. However, it doesn't really hold much. You might want to check out some wall ovens.

      1. I have the "professional" viking eight burner range. It is five years old. At the beginning I had problems with the igniters, which had to be replaced, whereby both ovens did not heat up properly. Now they seem to be working fine. It is fabulous, but the eight burner model (I got it because it had two full-soze ovens) does not have a self-clean feature. I only wish the broiler was larger as I use it a fair bit, especially in the winter (we live in Toronto, rather than ourdoor bbqing. I hear the Dacor is awesome as well

        1. Based on Consumer Reports, Viking Designer Series DGCU1655B[SB] is #1 in the gas range ratings.

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            The Viking DGCU1655B[SB] is a cooktop:

            We have a wolf duel fuel and it's awesome, the range as a has gas burners and griddle which we use almost everyday for breakfast, and its awesome for sandwiches, melts etc, I feel like a short order cook when using it. It has an electric oven which is also great, I really like the digital controls on the knobs - it's the small things but the wolf is great.

          2. I did not start out to buy Viking but looked at every type and model that I could find when we were building our house. I love and adore my Viking six burner + griddle cooktop and double built-in ovens. These are both built-in so will not be leaving the house if there is ever a move. If we got hit by a meteor, I'd buy the same units. I also have the large Viking warming drawer and dodn't know how I lived without it. Even for the two of us, it sees almost daily use.

            I measured door length of several ovens and Viking has the shortest door -- easier for the in-and-out procedure and much less likely to burn those of us with a bustline.

            Because of a serious back problem, the free-standing unit, with those low ovens, was out of the question of me so I never gave it any consideration. I've mentioned before that I also lowered the cooktop and am thrilled that I did. I can toss copper pans and peer into tall stockpots on the rear burner, something I couldn't do at the standard height. (BTW, I'm 5'6" ,not a tiny person, but not the industry standard 6' male)