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Anyone have or used a Viking oven?

I need to replace my 20 year old Dacor (which I never liked very much) & someone recced a Viking. I love my Miele DW and was thinking of a Miele oven...any comparisons? advice? thanks...

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  1. I like my Viking enough to have moved it with me last time (hubby and friend did the actual physical work). It has plenty of power, a few weird problems at first but all under warranty. I guess I've had it about 15 years. Well if I had to get another one, I'd look around at what else there is, just human nature but I've been happy with it.

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      Viking Products Do NOT Purchase. Bad customer service!!!! We purchased two products from Viking and NEVER again. Our refrigerator was fixed at least 12 times. It is poorly constructed. This a designer refrigerator and all it does it looks good. I am a gourmet cook and I use a refrigerate, so I know what I am talking about. I would be better of purchasing any low class appliance and I probably would'nt have to have it fixed this many times. Same with the six burner range. Very disappointed and running out of patients. I will definitely love to pursue some sort of law suit.

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        My friend who owns a Viking Range told me the same thing. He said in one of the emails to me when I was remodeling my old home,"Viking Sucks".



    2. Are you talking about wall oven or a range? I have a range and I must say it's pretty good. In the six to seven years I have had it I only had a temperature gauge/sensor short on me. However, it doesn't really hold much. You might want to check out some wall ovens.

      1. I have the "professional" viking eight burner range. It is five years old. At the beginning I had problems with the igniters, which had to be replaced, whereby both ovens did not heat up properly. Now they seem to be working fine. It is fabulous, but the eight burner model (I got it because it had two full-soze ovens) does not have a self-clean feature. I only wish the broiler was larger as I use it a fair bit, especially in the winter (we live in Toronto, rather than ourdoor bbqing. I hear the Dacor is awesome as well

        1. Based on Consumer Reports, Viking Designer Series DGCU1655B[SB] is #1 in the gas range ratings.

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            The Viking DGCU1655B[SB] is a cooktop:

            We have a wolf duel fuel and it's awesome, the range as a has gas burners and griddle which we use almost everyday for breakfast, and its awesome for sandwiches, melts etc, I feel like a short order cook when using it. It has an electric oven which is also great, I really like the digital controls on the knobs - it's the small things but the wolf is great.

          2. I did not start out to buy Viking but looked at every type and model that I could find when we were building our house. I love and adore my Viking six burner + griddle cooktop and double built-in ovens. These are both built-in so will not be leaving the house if there is ever a move. If we got hit by a meteor, I'd buy the same units. I also have the large Viking warming drawer and dodn't know how I lived without it. Even for the two of us, it sees almost daily use.

            I measured door length of several ovens and Viking has the shortest door -- easier for the in-and-out procedure and much less likely to burn those of us with a bustline.

            Because of a serious back problem, the free-standing unit, with those low ovens, was out of the question of me so I never gave it any consideration. I've mentioned before that I also lowered the cooktop and am thrilled that I did. I can toss copper pans and peer into tall stockpots on the rear burner, something I couldn't do at the standard height. (BTW, I'm 5'6" ,not a tiny person, but not the industry standard 6' male)

            1. I've had my viking "professional" for 2 years.
              It's great. No problems at all (other than getting
              the burners low enough to simmer)
              Have to use a flame-tamer.

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                Stew, that's odd that you don't get a very low simmer because one of the reasons I love the Viking cooktop so much is the ability to get and keep a very, very low flame. With all the other brands, a flame tamer is required.I do think it is in an odd spot on the dial however. What un-cook engineer ever thought to place it just to the left of the HIGH setting? I would have opted to put the simmer setting directly after LOW because this requires a double-think.

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                  I'm having big BIG problems with my viking (4 years old) but right away had problems with the burners not being low enough. One of them works well enough, but it is the farthest from where I normally cook, so ... not great. And when they are turned to low, you have to turn them ALL the wy back up to high to get the flame up at all. Very iffy. Not pleased with the Viking or the customer service. Will never buy one again. Oven incinerating all my food, been waiting over a month for a part.

              2. I am also considering a Viking. 4-burner each @15000 BTUs. It's also dual fuel.

                1. I've had the Viking Professional 48-inch dual fuel range (6 burners and a grill) for 5 1/2 years now. I've had 2 service calls - 1 for a faulty igniter on one burner, the other because some spilled food was clogging the gas jets on a burner, inhibiting proper lighting.

                  I love my range. It has 2 ovens - 1 large, 1 small, both self-clean (they're electric). It's great to have a small oven to heat things up, cook smaller items, or prepare foods at a different temperature at the same time as you're using the large oven.

                  The ovens work extremely well, and I've never had problems with hot or cold spots.

                  The grill is terrific, too. I use it a lot in the wintertime (I'm in Toronto), but also during the summer months when I just want to grill some vegetables or whatever and it's unbearably hot and humid outside.

                  I have a Viking chimney hood, as well. Very strong and powerful, which I have vented through the roof with an external blower (before I renovated my house, I had the internal blower, which was extremely noisy).

                  My model does not have sealed burners. I think they came out with those after I made my purchase.

                  All in all, I've been very happy.

                  1. For what it's worth, I had a nightmare experience with Viking. I installed a cooktop and the electric double ovens. The double ovens never worked properly, and the dealer determined it was a manufacturer's defect. Nonetheless, Viking jerked me around for months, refusing to replace it, and forcing me back to the dealer. The dealer I bought them from also refused to help me, and kept referring me back to Viking. After letters and threats of lawsuit, the dealer finally exchanged the ovens for store credit only, but now I'm stuck with the $1400 cooktop, which is sitting in my closet in a box. BTW, the decals scratch off easily on the surface when you clean it. It was three months of frustration and anger. Viking would not stand behind its product despite the manufacturer's defect, and the customer service was shameful, from both them and the authorized dealer. I would never go through that again. Good luck to you.

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                      Thanks very much. It sounds horrible...I appreciate the heads up and am sorry you had to go thru this. I am tilting more & more toward the Miele...hard to get user info, tho....

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                        Fauchon, have you considered Wolf? They're supposed to be very good.

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                        That sounds terrible. You'd think that whe you lay ou that kinda coin there would be accountability from all the parties. I've lost interest in the Viking, Wolf, etc, and am looking for a more mainstream stove dressed up. I don't drive an SUV and I don't need the same kind of firepower in my stove.

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                          Hi Neighborguy:
                          I have GE Profile series and I am thinking of getting Viking. I am having the same problems you have had with baking. Do you still dislike your Viking?

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                            Don't buy a Viking. You'll regret it.

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                              Hey Barb,
                              I have the GE Profile fridge and it's great. I would seriously consider the whole Profile if I had to re-buy again.

                              We ended up getting a JennAir slide-in gas stove (the one without downdraft) and have enjoyed it. My guess is it's a regular stove but the "prostyle" lets them charge an extra $500.

                              Most of the comments here are not good for the Viking.

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                            Cecilbee - I can't believe your post! I too have had the same problems with Viking! I am so disappointed and angry with all of my viking appliances. Let's see, where do I start?! In June of 2006, my kitchen renovation completed, I was anxious to start cooking. I turned the wall oven on to preheat it and once it reached temperature the glass door shattered! After waiting weeks, I did receive a replacement. Once the Viking refrigerator was installed correctly (that took some time as well!) the icemaker on the door constantly jammed and leaked down the front of the wood panel. I was constantly wiping it and just kept a towel in there. After numerous visits by the service rep, they kept telling me that Viking was aware of the icemaker problem and was working on changing the design. It still jams. The best part was when the refrigerator leaked into my finished basement. Apparently, the refrigerator was delivered and installed without some heater thing that is supposed to evaporate the water in the pan. There is always water in the pan and it is never completely evaporated. Sooo, now when I go on vacation I have to ask my neighbor to water my plants AND empty the refrigerator pan. Doesn't everyone?!! Okay, that is not all. After trying to bake Christmas cookies for the past two days, I have decided that the ovens are not working efficiently. It shouldn't take over 20 minutes to bake chocolate chip cookies. And yes, the decals are coming off on my cooktop and one of the wall ovens. I was told not to use Stainless Steel cleaner on the stainless steel even though in all of the paperwork I received with the appliances they RECOMMEND THOR STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER! I have been getting the run around since June! The sad part was that I went away for July and August and didn't even really start to use them until SEptember and the problems started immediately. Also, the cooktop is scratched. How do you scratch glass? A friend of mine has the Viking cooktop and her cooktop is scratched as well!

                            Viking does not stand by their product. I love my new kitchen and love to cook and these appliances have just made me disgusted.

                            Anyone out there looking to buy kitchen appliances, my advice is to research the product completely and don't buy Viking.

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                              I, too, am over the high-end appliance dream-cum-nightmare. In the end, for the price of the Viking double ovens alone, I bought beautiful GE Monogram double electric ovens, which are perfectly calibrated and have never given me a moment's trouble, and a GE cooktop, which cleans like a dream, and cooks my food the way I intend it. The only thing I lack is a high btu burner, but I'll get over it. Believe me.

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                                Just had the repairman in to check out my viking ovens and was told that I need new thermostats in both ovens! Of course, this won't be done until after Christmas. These ovens are only 6 months old! I bought a thermometer and turned the oven to 350 degrees and it only reached 245. If I can get these viking appliances out of my house I would go back to GE.

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                                  Cecil, just in case you are still around, how is the sound level of the fan on your GE monogram? I've heard it was very loud and continues for quite some time after the oven was shut off.

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                                  My brother moved into his new house recently and had his Viking range and refrigerator delivered on Thanksgiving Day morning. Unfortunately, he thought he would save some funds after spending gobs of money on new furniture, roof, appliances, all right before Thanksgiving. He decided to forego the $100 appliance installation fee...mistake! Anyway, after 5 trips to the hardware store, he finally got the Viking range gas fittings right.
                                  The fresh (was never frozen) turkey came out a bit raw even though the outside was nice and crispy. We later used a thermometer to check the temperature and it was off by 30-40 degrees. I'm sort of iffy about products that have so much hype (well except for My Big Green Egg smoker/grill...it's everything and more than people hype it up to be) and that are really popular. This is how I felt about Viking. People seem to hype it up a lot but is it worth it? I always felt that the quality seemed questionable for the money and now I've proven this. My brother is having X-mas dinner this weekend and continues to have problems with calibrating the temperature on his Viking range.

                                  My siblings love their Gaggenau, Wolf, and Meile, appliances. I think I'll get a Wolf range and a second Meile wall oven next time and spend less on the dishwasher and refrigerator.

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                                    When I got my Viking I noticed it was off by at least 25 degrees, but the appliance repair man told me all gas ovens can be off by up to 50 degrees, unlike electric. So now I just turn it up a bit more and all is well.

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                                      Yeah, I used to have a Kenmore Elite Oven that was off by 50 degrees. After months of frustration, I ended up installing it in in one of my rental properties and replacing it with a Dacor Dual Fuel. Love the electric oven but not happy with the gas burners as they work when they feel like often unusable for months at a time.

                              2. Ever try and open an oven door on a Wolf range? You have to be a pro-weightlifter to open and close those doors. They are very nice looking however. I also hear that Wolf's have a good amount of BTU's as well as a good simmer and a top notch broiler.

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                                  I've owned a Wolf 48" dual-fuel range for two years now,
                                  and I would highly recommend Wolf. Great burners, from
                                  high heat down to very low simmer.

                                  I'm guessing that bigmackdaddy was opening doors on
                                  a different model. Mine open and close smoothly and with
                                  minimal effort. I'm neither a pro nor an amateur
                                  weightlifter. :-)

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                                    Different indeed. I confused Wolf with Thermador.

                                2. I've cooked on a Dacor Dual Fuel range for about 7 years and don't really care for it. The burners work when they feel like it and the rough stainless steel surface is hard to clean.
                                  The electic oven is great though. It seems to get high praise for the convection electric oven.

                                  My mom has Gaeggenau, one sister has a 36" Wolf range with Miele wall oven, my brother and other sister have the Viking Range. After sampling all of these and hearing their feedback, I would recommend the Wolf range and the Miele wall oven. As far as Gaeggenau goes, it's in a much higher price point so much that it's just not worth the extra expense.

                                  1. I second the problems with Viking. Despite dozens of service calls over 15 years, it never worked properly. Many problems with ignitors, infrared broiler and the like. Recently replaced with Miele double electric ovens which have worked well.

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                                      i totally agree.. i have had the same issues over 10 years. Absolute disaster

                                    2. The consumer magazine that I take rates Viking near the very bottom. The GE Monogram was rated very high.

                                      I'm going to replace my range this summer and I'm going to take a look at Aga. Does anybody know anything about Aga? I know one person that has one and they really enjoy it.

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                                        A friend who's a great cook has an Aga & loves it. She's in Wales and the always-on Aga is a boon in the damp climate too....I also suggest you take a look at the Miele ovens....

                                        1. re: Stack8

                                          I work in a home that has an Aga. Hope you live in Alaska or have super air conditioning! It is a total waste of energy! Their kitchen is always warm, even in july with a/c cranked. Why would anyone want their oven(S) on all the time?? With the price of energy, the cost to keep it on and the cost to keep your kitchen cool, i find it totally wrong and a VARY BAD choice.

                                        2. Unless you have compelling reasons, do not buy Viking. You can't only look at how it performs today; you have to consider the long run.
                                          I bought Viking dishwasher, 4 burner gas stove and electric wall oven in 2000. I had similar problems with the gas stove as mentioned in a previous post, where the igniter was faulty; happened at least twice, but was able to get distributor to pay for the part (NOT the service) because it was only slightly out of warranty. However, the wall oven had a major electrical problem, while under warranty and they tried to blame it on MY COMPUTER!!
                                          After that was straightened out (it was NOT my computer), the markings on the wall oven on one side started to vanish because of the way the stove was venting steam, so I can no longer tell broil from convection broil from whatever else is on there.
                                          But the kicker is the dishwasher: I just had the motor replaced, to the tune of over $600, and now the timer has burned out, which will cost abou $500 to replace. The dishwasher originally cost over $1300, and the repairman (who was an authorized Viking repair shop, but now the distributor, Delia, yanked all repair authorization and will only do its own repairs - have no idea what that will do to timing, etc)told me that a motor and a timer should last at least 15 years, and mine haven't lasted for even half that.
                                          Net net: I don't care what Consumers or anyone else says...you are buying these expensive appliances because of any number of reasons, but you certainly have the right to believe they would outlast much less expensive options. Yet, you get the same one year warranty for Viking as you would for any other, lower end appliance.However, the repairs on Viking are horrifically expensive, and it would cost you the same to replace a less expensive brand than to repair a Viking. Unless you have money to burn, literally, you should consider buying less expensive brands which can be replaced at the price of a typical Viking repair.

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                                            I am in the process of deciding on a suite of kitchen appliances and I am (was) considering Viking.... not for performance superiority but for resale of the property. This is because of the "perception" of Viking in the marketplace as a supplier of "ultimate" cooking appliances. Given some of the experiences above, these appliances remind me of my recent ownership of the latest model of the Range Rover... I bought a new 2003 RR and although the performance (both on and off road) was great, it was the most unreliable vehicle we have ever had. After being stranded hundreds of miles from home in very rual areas on three occasions we decided to relieve ourselves of the greif after 30K miles (and $45K of depreciation).

                                            The Viking appliances seem to be in the same category of performance/reliabilty. Looks like I will limit the search to Meile, Bosch, and Gaggenau (although it seems the GE Mono is high quality, it will not carry the same cache as the european or niche brands on resale). Any reccommendations??

                                          2. Affineur, We have been very happy with our Dacor duel fuel stove and Dacor Oven. (The stove has an electric oven with a gas broiler which I love. The cooktop is gas.) I've had them two years now and they have seen A LOT of use. My only complaint is the lighters for the burners seem a little weak. Dacor's microwave can start a nuclear incident if used on High and defrosts perfectly.

                                            1. Resale is tricky...are you going to sell right after you build,or will you live in the property for a period of time? Because, if you are going to sell right away, yes, the high end looks good, but you a) have to be sure the property can support that level of investment in expensive appliances and b) your potential buyers will appreciate and be willing to pay up for the high end appliances. The analogy to cars is apt, and not just in the way it was presented. The resale value of these appliances is virtually nil, and you don't want to "invest" in upscale appliances when the market doesn't support it, because you won't get your money back, at least on a "pound for pound" basis. You MIGHT do well if the overall impact of the high end is what your target is looking for.
                                              Now, if you plan on living and using the appliances yourself, they will not look new (no matter how hard you try) if you actually cook with them for any period of time. This is a whole different issue, whereby everyone accepts that a house is "used" but may not be amendable to buying "used" appliances, not matter how expensive they might have been originally.
                                              And don't forget; whether you are selling or renting, if these appliances, like my Vikings, require millions of service calls and God forbid are out of warrantee you, as a landlord, are going to get a lot of ugly calls. If you're selling and walking away, obviously your legal obligations have been discharged.
                                              Net, if you are in a middle of the road situation, I would not go with high end. If you are selling out right, I would either give an appliance allowance or put some lesser but good looking GE or something in there. My motto now is I'm gonna buy appliances that can be replaced when they break, and if Kleenex comes out with a brand, I'll be the first in line!
                                              Good luck.

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                                                mrsdebdav and Walters,

                                                Thanks for the replies. I should have listed Dacor as well as I am looking at these.

                                                The property is in a very high end ski resort in the western US. The current resale is about $900-1100/sq.ft. so it will support any level of appliance. I will keep the property for another 2-3 years. It will not be rented. Three years ago we did a "gut" remodel of the entire place except for the kitchen which we planned to expand but did not know exactly what we wanted to do. So we updated the appliances to Bosch (and a stand-in GE refrig). Now we have decided not to expand and to gut the kitchen and start over. It is a tiny kitchen (9'X7') but I have decided that I like it better than my "big" one in the primary residence... much more efficient and fun!! We have three current options under consideration:

                                                1. Sub zero 700 TC refrig (27"), Viking 30" dual fuel range, Viking hood (keep Bosch DW loose microwave hood loose cupboard over refrig)

                                                2. Sub zero 700 TC refrig (27"), Wolf 30" dual fuel range, Wolf hood (keep Bosch DW loose microwave hood loose cupboard over refrig)

                                                3. Bosch Evolution refrig., Bosch 4 burner electric glass cook top, Bosch 30" under counter oven, keep Bosch micro-hood, keep Bosch DW, keep cupboard over refrig

                                                I have been told that the Wolf products are much more reliable that the Viking. I also like the Bosch design and performance (and clean-up attributes of a knob-less glass top) as well as the price point.

                                                I have looked at the Dacor and Miele equivalents to the Bosch but did not like the design as much.

                                                I would appreciate any suggestions or comments.

                                                1. re: affineur

                                                  I have a Wolf rangetop w/ griddle and double wall ovens and warming drawer and sub zero fridge/freezer and wine fridge w/ fridge drawers (27 inch) that I love. I also have 2 miele dishwashers that I am very happy with. We did a complete kitchen remodel in 2005 that I researched for about a year and I would take another look at Wolf. I also did a custom hood for aesthetic reasons and modern aire was the only company who could do what i wanted. I love, love, love my fridge drawers (but I have 3 little kids and keep ALL drinks in there).
                                                  I think I veered away from teh Miele ovens because I didn't need the computer to tell me how to cook a chicken but if that is yoru thing, they are supposed to be good products. I also have a Miele washer/dryer. Just my 2 cents on Miele though-- my washer had a problem last week and Miele told me it would take 1 week to get a service tech out here and I live in Los Angeles so if you are putting Miele appliances in somewhere where service may be an issue, you may want to re-think it.

                                                2. re: mrsdebdav

                                                  You mentioned several service calls on your Viking appliances - do you mind expanding on the problems you have experienced?

                                                  1. re: yagpap

                                                    Please see my post for the 1)ridiculous "analysis" as to why the electric wall oven didn't originallly work (problem was straightened out, but only the wall oven had to yanked out and not properly repseated, and it was not electric interference from any of my other appliances; 2) the miminum 3 times the starter igniter broke on the gas range, resulting in a constant ticking sound until the multi hundred dollar repair(s) were made and 3) the ongoing, continuous falling out of various unidentified pieces from dishwasher, the $600 motor replacement in October and the approx $500 timer replacement due to it's catching on fire/melting down - this during New Year's week, so it's frozen lasagna for the party tonite. Appliances that are really gently used as mine are and that were so high end should not be needing motors and timers after 6 years, and the markings on the wall oven literally disappeared in the ventings a number of years ago. We don't scrub the outside of the appliances with abrasives, and one side of the wall oven is still quite legible. But the stupid way that oven vents obliterated all the settings on the left side. I don't know much about other highends and the way they hold up, but if it were my primary resident, I wouldn't worry about resale, because no matter what, if the place looks good/clean etc, the buyer will likely have his/her own ideas, and you can make the point that you are not trying to up the price to make back money on high ends, which you really couldn't get away with once they are used anyway for the most part.
                                                    Just my opionion. And Viking does stink.

                                                    1. re: mrsdebdav

                                                      That's a lot of problems you've had, a LOT more than me, but one that jumped out at me is the starter ignitor problem on the range. When my Viking was installed, the technician told me to be very, very careful when cleaning under the grates, because the ignitors have to be gapped correctly to work, just like spark plugs, and if you keep hitting them it could cause them not to work. I just take the pans out to clean them, or wipe really carefully. Me, I love my Viking, but it's the only "high end" stove I've had, or probably ever will have in the future. One of the back ignitors ceased working many years ago, so if I ever need 4 burners I just light it with a match. And the decals have disppeared with time, but I'm weird I guess; I like my kitchen stuff to look "used" so it never bothered me. I'm curious if the newer models are less reliable, I got mine in the early 90s and find it to be reliable enough, for a gas appliance.

                                                      1. re: coll

                                                        Ok, so it looks like Viking is living up to it's bad reputation for build quality and repair. There was an article in the New Yorker a couple of years ago about Viking, its founder, and the products that alluded to such issues.

                                                        Now.... Wolf seems to be a better product. Anyone have experience with the dual fuel ranges??

                                                        Thanks for any guidance.

                                                      2. re: mrsdebdav

                                                        My viking dishwasher (4 years old) timer and harness wiring also have melted. Asko makes this unit for viking and does cover the timer for 4-5 years, however Viking does not because they slapped the viking name on top. My repair is going to be $500 with the service call. My question is am I set up for more to go wrong with it or should I use my $500 for a new unit (maybe Bosch) - are those any better?

                                                        1. re: cfrances

                                                          Consider a Miele...I've had two...one for 20 years +...the other for just over a year...the quality is fabulous as is the service (the 2 times I needed it in over 20 years)....the top silverware tray is genius & the racks are almost infinitely adjustable...everything comes out sparkling clean every time and I have to look at the digital display to find out if it's on...it's THAT quiet....

                                                  2. foxhills,

                                                    Thanks for the reply. I very much like the functionality of the Wolf range that we are looking at but I am concerned about two things:

                                                    1. clean-up... I do quite a bit of cooking and the clean-up is always a task. BTW, I have taken numerous cooking lessons from established chefs (e.g. Jacques Pepin, Wolfgang Puck, Charlie Trotter, etc.) and they all have recommended electric glass cooktops for the home (including some of their own homes) based on the easy clean-up and the improved heat-up with the ribbon elements.

                                                    2. If we go with the dual fuel range/Sub zero we loose the microwave hood and the cupboard over the refrig... both things are important in such a small kitchen.

                                                    I will continue to look at the Wolf-Sub zero option though; perhaps someone has a good idea for a microwave position and some neat pull-out to replace the lost cupboard.

                                                    Your concern over the repair with Miele is founded, I have neighbor who has had nothing but issues with the W/D, DW, and oven, including timely response for repair (even in a major metro area like yours, in this case Phoenix).

                                                    1. Somebody...Anybody...How to clean the griddle on the viking stove? Do I have to pick it up and wash in sink everytime? It seems too heavy and bulky...

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                                                      1. re: anjhstmom

                                                        You're really not supposed to "clean" it. You should just take a rag or that newer, non-abrasive "steel wool-like" pad (sold in high-end kitchen stores that has been dampened in WARM water and clean it off while it is still warm. Never throw cold water on it while it's piping hot, it can damage the griddle. Every once in a great while I will really scour it clean but I immediately follow with an oil rubdown.

                                                      2. We got the 48", 6 burner range, just this past December. We have had to have all of the ignitors replaced which the service person said is common with Viking and currently need to have the convention fan replaced in the oven. This is disappointing given the reputation of Viking products. When the range is functionally properly it is wonderful so I don't know if we got a bad unit or if Viking's quality has slipped in order to keep up with demand. I will pursue this with Viking to see if they will stand behind their products as I certain don't want a bad unit and big repair bills once the warranty period expires.

                                                        1. For design reasons only I bought the four burner dual heat Viking range about 3 years ago for a barely used summer house. I am a food professional. It was used three weeks the first year, top only, and during the second an ignitor broke. I had to pay for that repair as the warranty had in theory elapsed. I also had to circumvent Viking to get it repaired in under two months. Worse to come! This past summer I was finally there long enough to use the oven and it went ballistic no matter what I did; frying pie tops in less than 2 minutes at 350, charring nuts at 200, light on and off at will. It took me three weeks to get the local repairman out. He said the oven wiring was wrong and the thermostat broken. That was two months ago and still no word from anyone about the fix. So basically I've had no oven and no contact. The local retail dealer said he thought there'd been a bad batch of Vikings and I may have hit it, but if so Viking is not recalling any or making good on them. They also are not providing service or support in any way to me.. I have reported them and the retail dealer (who brags on TV about his service policy) to the state attorney general where my summer house is. This could be a case of fraud, that office says. Everyone please be advised.

                                                          1. Hi. I've had a Viking six-burner/griddle cooktop, dishwasher, bunwarmer and double oven for about six years. The Viking package was an option when we purchased our home. I consider myself a pretty decent cook and was excited about having high-quality appliances. I would replace the oven and dishwasher in a heartbeat. One of the ovens has never been right and the dishwasher stinks...I mean literally stinks! We had a problem with water not draining properly in the bottom and it would collect and absolutely wreak! A plumber fixed the drain problem, but it still stinks! The biggest problem, though, is that you can't clean the exterior surfaces of the applicances because the black letters/numbers come off...even when trying to clean with just water, no chemicals. I have been extremely careful when cleaning, but only about half the numbers are still there. The area around the dials is gross with grease, etc., because I can't clean it. The cooktop works great, though. But if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't get Viking products again. Many other people in my housing tract have had the same issues, so I know it's not just me. Try Wolf or Decor. My cousin has all Wolf products in her kitchen (and she can afford pretty much whatever she wants) and she's very happy with them. Good luck!

                                                            1. OK, so I've read through part of this, and seeing the number of people dissatisfied with the Viking/etc., over pretty major things, I have a question for you. What is wrong with going for a more standard brand? I have a Maytag that was reasonably priced, came with a good warranty, excellent customer service, and you can get them with whatever features you are looking for if you ask around. For example, I got the convection oven w/glass cooktop because all this rental house had was electric hookups and we weren't given permission to add gas (because I REALLY wanted a gas stove) however, I really like the glass cooktop (except that it's difficult to KEEP clean, and I'm constantly worrying about scratching it up!) :-( Oh, and the convection thing isn't all it's cracked up to be--so it shaves like 3 minutes off your cooking time...whoop-ti-doo...cook with lots of stoneware and you get the same results without spending the extra $100-200 on convection. JMHO.

                                                              My mother has had a Kitchenaid stove for a while--gas stove, double electric oven, 5 burners on top, and LOVES it!! They also have excellent customer service, they replace parts quickly and no questions asked, etc.

                                                              I don't know, perhaps I'm just ignorant because I only cook for my family, and not in a five-star restaurant, but it seems to me that you can get better service for faulty parts, and just as good of quality if you buy from a more generic brand--such as Maytag, Amana, KitchenAid, etc. I don't know...like I said, perhaps it's just because I'm apparently not on the same cooking level as you that I don't understand why you would spend bookoo bucks on a stove that does the exact same things as all other stoves, costs 2-3x as much, and has worse customer service...:confused: :confused:

                                                              I do wish you luck on your search though. I know I spent HOURS trying to find the stove with the exact features I wanted (and tried to fit them within my $500 budget! :eek: )

                                                              1. I've never been happy with Viking (seems to be a case of sizzle vs. steak) I would
                                                                recommend checking the appliance forums at Garden web , lots of firsthand user experience. Blue Star has come out with a line of wall ovens as well, they have a good reputation among owners for build quality/customer service. Happy hunting!
                                                                Garden Web: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/appl/
                                                                Blue Star: http://www.prizer-painter.com/

                                                                1. I have a 4 year old Viking electric cooktop, double wall ovens, and microwave. The top panel on my oven and cooktop have had to be replaced 3 times because the number/word decals keep coming off. The microwave digital display doesn't work. the stovetop gets insanely hot. It seems like there are no low settings. Customer service is poor. I don't recommend Viking product!

                                                                  1. Oh, my God.....I 've had my mind set on a Viking range for years...Now that's I am finally ready to change my stove I read about all these issues! I have to admit- I only wanted to have a Viking, because it's THE brand to own (per my chef friend). One of my other friends has a Wolf, also a chef, but he is not exactly happy with it, yet never said why (maybe I should question him more about his issues). Miele and Bosch seem to be very popular in Europe, but I don't know if I like their modern look- I am very much into traditional looking kitchens, and they may not look good. Has anyone used a Jenn Air? Are they more high or low end? They have some nice appliances, also in various colors, but I know nothing about this brand.

                                                                    1 Reply
                                                                    1. re: polish_girl

                                                                      I use my Viking 4 bruner range twice a day,but in 5 years i have had to replace my igniters twice @ 500/pop and now I need them for the broiler....I would try a Wolf nowadays

                                                                    2. We have had a good experience with our Dacor. We have second home (new construction) with Viking appliances. After having a list of problems, which seem to be all to common among Viking owners, did a little research by Googling 'Viking refrigerator lemon'. Some very clear incidents come up. In fact the first link here is a gentleman who finally resorted to getting the local media involved after being jerked around by Viking's horrible CS department. No one should have to make these types of efforts to get appliances to work in a normal fashion. Unfortunately it seems Viking is losing their reputation from bad design and customer service.



                                                                      1. Just wanted to add my .02 cents worth, and hopefully help someone avoid making the same mistakes. We have had a Viking compactor, dishwasher, warming drawer, range hood, gas cooktop, and double electric wall oven for just over 4 years. They are all the Professional series in stainless steel. I thank my lucky stars every day that we opted for a Sub-Zero refrigerator. We have had problems with every one of the Viking appliances, except the range hood. The ignitors on the cooktop do not work correctly-sometimes they will just start clicking when the burners are not turned on. If I have 2 burners lit, the ignitors for the other two will not work, so I have to use a match. The wall oven's temp is way off, it vents steam out around the knob on the top unit, which has caused the decals to come off. I am going to have to replace the panel as it is almost impossible to tell what temp the oven is set at. The convection fan on the top oven failed. The filter switch on the compactor fell apart, The racks/tracks in the dishwasher are poorly made and have fallen apart, and a cheap plastic/ball bearing assembly was $150 for a pair to replace them (we installed them ourselves) . The warming drawer binds up on it's track, and I am having the same problem with the decals coming off due to steam coming out of the vent. The range hood has functioned fairly well, but grease accumulates up in the light fixtures and is very hard to clean. The hood also had the Viking Logo applied crooked which is just shoddy workmanship for a supposedly high end appliance.

                                                                        1. Whatever you do, but do not purchase a Viking product. We have a refrigerator and a 6 burner range. We are having problems with both, especially the designer refrigerator. I had servicemen out here at least a dozen times. My neighbors keep asking me if I have family members that work for viking. It is rediculous. For such money so much problems. We are very upset with this company. The viking servicemen are very smooth, and that's okay but we are not stupid and we are tired with the excuses and we will be doing something about it. Just to get our point accross. We have little children and the refrigerator door almost fell off 3 times. The bottom freezer absorbs moisture and the cooling pipe freezez, therefore the top part of the refrigerator does not get cooled. This happened many times and many times we had spoiled food. It takes them to come out about 4-5 days, and then you wait for the part for a few more days. Rediculous Service !!!!!! Definetely not worth it a pile of EXPENSIVE Steel and that's about it!!!!

                                                                          1. I'm a culinary proffessional, and when we remodeled 10 yrs ago, before you could do much detailed Internet research, I asked other culinary professionals, and many of them recommended the Five-Star brand range. A heavy-duty, near-professional quality oven with the features of Viking without the shabby workmanship. (And you're not paying for advertising.) I bought a floor model that was about $2000, so about half the price of a comparable Viking. It's a fine-quality, heavy-duty oven, built for the kind of cooking I do. I've had great luck with it. t works like a dream, is easy to clean. My only complaint is that the convector takes up room in the oven that would otherwise allow you to bake 4 sheets of cookies at a time.
                                                                            Also, it's made in Tennessee, so they send a repair guy from the factory. Not sure about service in other states. That would definitely be worth checking. Except they never need work!

                                                                            1 Reply
                                                                            1. re: fluffernutter

                                                                              It's hard to compare appliances built 10-20 years ago with ones being offered today. All of the competing manufacturers have changed their products, their personnel, and their processes in those years. I recently did a lot of research on the different brands for a new range and would have felt comfortable getting many of the different products. I eventually settled on the Dacor Epicure dual-fuel range and am very happy. It looks great, works great, is easy to clean, and has lots of thoughtful features. I recommend it to anyone, but I'm also sure the other brands recommended above also are good.

                                                                            2. I've had my Viking for about 12 yrs. or so and and have a few problems, namely the ignition problems of the gas burners and gas oven temp variations which were mentioned in previous posts. I do love how the gas range works from the lowest simmer setting to the quickest pot of boining water for pasta, however, my burner grates are warped (4 of 6) so the pots and pans do not sit level on them. Why this would happen I don't know. I use the griddle daily for cooking or simmering or just keeping something warm. The ovens, on the other hand are horrible for baking. The temp fluctuates and is usually about 25 degrees off. I either dry out or burn baked goods unless I am hypervigiliant about it which is next to impossible when multitasking between cooking multiple items and managing three pre-school boys! I would never buy a Viking gas oven again (dual fuel wasn't an option at the time of my purchase). The best thing about the oven is the broiler, although it could be a bit bigger. My friend is a great baker and swears by her Dacor. Hope this helps.

                                                                              1 Reply
                                                                              1. re: pilolls

                                                                                We have a Viking oven (gas) we bought used and we had to replace the ignitor as many have. Handy hubby did this, but the parts were still almost $100 online.
                                                                                We're happy so far, but the oven temp is not in sync wiith the actual temp. I bought a small oven thermometer to double check before I stick stuff in. I agree - it's been about 25 degrees on mine as well.

                                                                              2. I purchased a 6 burner duel fuel Wolf and I could not be happier... Burners have a regular flame adjust for low to high in addition to a full simmer range high to low......unbelievable!! Electric oven heats up in a very reasonable time period.........convection mode really speeds cooking time. Highly recommend it.

                                                                                2 Replies
                                                                                1. re: livtocook

                                                                                  I bought a Wolf 30" gas range, but had so many problems with it that I eventually returned it and got a new Viking. The Wolf had six service calls. Oven thermostat was replaced twice. It was getting oven temperatures up to 50 degrees out in either direction depending on the setting. Burners would not light properly resulting in unburned gas and a strong gas smell. Going from low to medium (inner ring only to both rings) would not always light properly so had to lift the pan to make sure. This was annoying. Door was not straight. Just felt that there were so many problems that I lost faith in it.

                                                                                  So now I just got a new Viking gas range and so far, love it. The build quality is noticeably better than the Wolf, in my opinion. Better finish quality, knobs are more solid and the plate behind the knobs is solid. On the Wolf, when you press the knobs in, the whole plate pushes back because it's such thin metal. The red knobs are nice though. The Viking air vent on the back is much more solid and heavy too. The oven fan is quieter on the Viking. The burners are great. They are sealed burners and if anything, heat faster than the Wolf did. Certainly not slower, that's the point. I have found that the heat is very even on them too and more adjustable than the Wolf. Oven temp on the Viking is really good.

                                                                                  If I hadn't had so many problems with the Wolf, I would still own it and be happy enough, but I do like the Viking more. This is the new one with the full width door. As I say, it feels better built. Time will tell if I have any of the problems that have been reported, but so far so good. I will certainly report back.

                                                                                  1. re: gravyboater

                                                                                    Almost two years now and not a single issue with the Viking. Just thought I would say, since I said I would report back.

                                                                                2. I have a Viking 30", VGSC306-4B bought in my kitchen remodel in July 2007. I have had nothing but problems with it. For example, ignition on burners was faulty, difficulty turning on burner, uneven oven temp, oven didn't stay on, oven didn't consistently come on when turned on, and the final flaw is that the self-cleaning oven doesn't clean sufficiently. Whenever, I use the self-cleaning function, I then must also use a cleaner such as Easy Off to complete the cleaning. Almost every flaw has been addressed by the dealer over the past eight months, however the oven still doesn't clean. The manufacturer's representative now says the oven is cleaning as it should. Needless to say this is my last Viking! I like the cooktop but the falsely labeled "self-cleaning" oven is the worst.

                                                                                  1. I purchased my first viking 25 yrs ago...still working, never needed a service call or part replacement. My second one, purchased 8 yrs ago, has had numerous service calls. It seems that today the ingniters and the burners are of inferior quality. Qualityis what built the Viking name., but today , that has been replaced for cheap imported parts. After spending $500 in repairs in the last 6 months, I could not every recommend this brand. You can do better !!

                                                                                    6 Replies
                                                                                    1. re: dab314

                                                                                      I must echo the last reviewer. The Viking Corporation does not care about quality, or their customers, and deserve to go out of business. We own a successful B&B, and depend on this piece of garbage Viking Stove. While it was in warranty, we had to call the repair number many times. It has cost us thousands in repair, numerous service calls, had mini-exploision, and can take up to an hour to preheat. Igniters, ignition valves,, gas valves, broke, failed cracked etc. They want top dollar for thier product, but don't have the quality to command it. . And the second the stove went out of warranty, they don't wan't to know who you are. You are wasting your money. Go with a Wolf or anyone else Be warned!

                                                                                      1. re: Aroundtheworldin80entrees

                                                                                        Completely agree. I'm SO disappointed in our Viking stove, and especially in their customer service. They really don't give a damn, once you've bought the product.

                                                                                        1. re: LulusMom

                                                                                          So, if you were buying a new stove now, what would you get?

                                                                                          I was looking at stoves yesterday and really wanted a 30" Viking Designer gas stove -- I liked it because of swirling continuous grates. The price is $3,400 plus install plus I'd have to buy a new hood.

                                                                                          I've decided to repair my crummy one and continue to think about a new one. A lot of people like the Blue Star but the salesperson said some people object to the burners looking used after you use them, whatever that means.

                                                                                          1. re: walker

                                                                                            I'd have to do some research, but for SURE I wouldn't buy another Viking. Ours cost something like $5,000, including probably the hood. We have had problems with it - probably every other year, which isn't *that* bad, but their customer service is so bad that the problems last for 5-6 months. The one person in our area (not that small an area- the research triangle in NC) who is licensed to work on them curses them like the devil. I've tried calling Viking directly, and gotten treated pretty rudely. These are things to think about before buying. Parts impossible to get, no good customer service, not well put together.

                                                                                            1. re: LulusMom

                                                                                              I've got to control my impulse to buy something because of the way it looks -- the way some men are drawn to busty blonds, I guess.

                                                                                              1. re: walker

                                                                                                Laughing! Yes, it is pretty much exactly like that. And just as useful, in most cases.

                                                                                      1. re: CharlieTheCook

                                                                                        I know they're gorgeous to look at but are they really that awesome?

                                                                                      2. We have a 17 old viking 6 burner/2 oven/griddle oven and our single valve to start the one oven has broke and Viking and 2 main distributors said they discontinued the part....so I guess we are supposed to now dump this otherwise working equipment into a landfill~@!@!!@! Does anyone know where we can find this part?

                                                                                        1. I decided to forgo a new free-standing gas range and get my late mom's Chamber's cook-top restored. I've been looking at a slew of ranges, and in between the build quality and the sparse space in the ovens, I figure go with a proven. I do however, like the BlueStar 36" Gas Wall Ovens. I've heard a few good things about them as well.

                                                                                          1. I LOVE my WOLF range. I have the 30" dual fuel range and it cooks everything so evenly. The gas range is superior! I can cook super low to super high. I purposely purchased the duel fuel so that I could have the even heating that electric brings. Besides, how can you NOT love a blue oven?. We moved recently and I also took mine with me.


                                                                                              10 Replies
                                                                                              1. re: diva69

                                                                                                So, if you bought a new one today, what brand, model and price would you choose?

                                                                                                1. re: walker

                                                                                                  i think this thing with designers insisting on sub-zero refrig. and viking stoves-- are like the story of the emperor with no cloths.. everyone does oooh and aaahs but there is no after sales service/dependability/long term guarrantees on the back end that should go with the elite price on the front end. remember when moms stove and refrig lasted 10-20 years with little service. ? i havent done the research,but look for the lexus of appliances--a company that realizes the relationship begins with the sale,and will treat you reasonably,and value you for the repeat business and referrals in the future

                                                                                                  1. re: diva69

                                                                                                    I completely agree. The primary issue that I have had with Viking is their assistance after the purchase. From the start my viking did not heat properly. It would turn off by itself and not reignite. They came out and recalibrated the oven. Then a few months later it didn't work so they replaced the thermastat. A few years later it still wasn't working so they replaced the DSI Board and I was charged $750. A month later they came again and replaced the ignition. A year later the self cleaning function blew the electrical unit and the oven door froze shut. They said the computer board needed replacement and the cost would be about $840. AT that point I wrote to Viking detailing my experience and they did cover part of the cost but I was responsible for the rest. They apologized and said they would send me a knife set which they never did. The oven still does not work and I have another service call scheduled for this week. The thermastat is not working properly( it never has) and the oven continues to heat up when you turn it off. That will cost $150 just for the diagnostic and any parts will be extra. I realize that I have a lemon and I told them that from the start. I should have been more aggressive at the start and demanded a replacement. I dream of my old fashioned oven.

                                                                                                    1. re: marathonmarie

                                                                                                      They came right out and told me "don't try the self-clean on Thanksgiving weekend" when we bought it. I should have heard the bells then.

                                                                                                      1. re: marathonmarie

                                                                                                        you can demand all you want from viking...you will get nothing!

                                                                                                      2. re: diva69

                                                                                                        I went to a very reputable kitchen appliance store last week looking for a range.

                                                                                                        The sales rep asked me a few questions, then said essentially this: if I care primarily about quality and performance, buy a Blue Star. If I don't care about quality but need something expensive to show to guests, get a Viking or Wolf.

                                                                                                        He said his customers split about evenly between the two groups.

                                                                                                        1. re: calumin

                                                                                                          Listen, with respect, that is a very odd thing for a dealer to say. They are all decent ranges and if you look, you will find people complaining about problems with all of them. My Viking has been flawless. Bluestar is probably great too, but to call a Viking or Wolf nothing but a show piece is really silly. Perhaps his profit margin is higher with Bluestar.

                                                                                                          1. re: gravyboater

                                                                                                            Yes, to be clear, he did not say that Viking or Wolf didn't make good products. What he meant was that for some of his customers, the last 20% of the decision process was driven by the cachet factor whereas for other customers pure performance was more important.

                                                                                                            It's kind of like getting a BMW or Mercedes vs. getting a Lexus (or maybe Tesla).

                                                                                                            He actually meant it in a way not to guide me to one company or other, but to ask me how important it was to have a brand name logo on the appliance.

                                                                                                            1. re: calumin

                                                                                                              I get it. For me, my choice was both performance and aesthetic, but certainly didn't care about the label in terms of showing off. I liked the Wolf red knobs, but the construction felt flimsy and the inner gas ring would sometimes not light, which I feel is dangerous. Loved the look of the Viking and heard good reports about performance. Bluestar was not as readily available here, so didn't know about it until after. I like the performance of the Bluestar and the bigger oven is great, but I must say, I think the Viking looks a whole lot better and as I say, no issues with performance or quality.

                                                                                                    2. re: diva69

                                                                                                      I pretty much have to agree with what diva69 says. Sad but true. To paraphrase Taylor Swift, I am never ever going to buy a Viking again.

                                                                                                    3. I've had my Viking for about four years now and have not had any problems. It works great and it looks great. I would say that the sealed burner concerns me because of the lack of flame in the centre, but most of the time, that's not an issue as I use good quality pans that spread the heat, but for wok cooking, wouldn't mind a better option. My sister has a Bluestar, which has a really nice burner and some nice features, including a bigger oven, but the Viking looks much nicer, in my opinion.

                                                                                                      Oh, and I would avoid Wolf. Finicky burners that sometimes don't fully light and the unit feels cheap to me. I actually bought one first (nice red knobs) but returned it because I felt it was unsafe. I know that sounds extreme to say, but when you have burners that don't fully light, they leak unburned gas and that's a serious hazard.

                                                                                                      3 Replies
                                                                                                      1. re: gravyboater

                                                                                                        just wait until you need even a minor viking repair ...from authorized viking service..will be $300-800 per incident.... after 3-4 of those in a short period of time you will be a believer!

                                                                                                        1. re: diva69

                                                                                                          Well, so far so good, but hopefully I don't need any repairs because $800 sounds ridiculous.

                                                                                                          1. re: diva69

                                                                                                            I purchased a 36 inch, 6 burner duel fuel wolf range almost 5 years ago. I couldn't be happier. I have not had one issue and have never needed a service call. The broiler is a "dream"...the convection mode allows me to cook several dishes at the same time and everything comes out perfectly.
                                                                                                            This range is a solid as a rock, nothing flimsy about it. I did not buy it for looks...I bought it to cook....and believe me, I have cooked....it has not disappointed me. Worth every penny I paid for it!

                                                                                                        2. I have had a Viking stove for 10 years. The decorator recommended it probably because it was more expensive and earned him a larger commision. It has been a complete disaster. I had about 10 service calls due to problems with ignition, self cleaning, door locking shut, etc etc. To this day it has never worked properly. The temperature control is completely off and it does not shut off when you turn it off. When the door locked shut the service guy said it was probably because I had the first version of the self cleaning oven. I would never recommend it.

                                                                                                          3 Replies
                                                                                                          1. re: marathonmarie

                                                                                                            I'm getting the feeling that older Vikings were an issue, but it does seem to me that if you search posts for any range, you can find people who have had a bad time with them and others who didn't. My Viking has been great and I thought the Wolf was horrible. That's me. I would ask some stores about which models seem to require more service, in their experience.

                                                                                                            1. re: gravyboater

                                                                                                              We have a Viking cooktop that is 12 years old and could not be happier with it. Never had to service it at all. Obviously this is just anecdotal evidence and largely irrelevant to the quality of the products currently being sold.

                                                                                                              1. re: gravyboater

                                                                                                                I got my Viking in the early 1990s and am satisfied with it. A few weird problems the first year or so, all under warranty, smooth sailing since then.

                                                                                                                Just commenting because you know what they say: customers that are satisfied don't say much, but the ones that are unhappy tell everyone they know!

                                                                                                            2. It's easy. Buy Bosch. Engineered, solid, you do not need pro quality, (you don't cook 12hrs a day). If the badge really matters just learn some new recipes, that will shut everyone up.

                                                                                                              1. Lost from this discussion is the fact that only three or four brands of ovens cook like a professional. My Viking electric stove works well, but if I had a problem with it I would get it fixed ASAP so that I could keep on cooking at the highest level for retail equipment. If you want food to taste like you get in most homes, then chose the 10 or so brands that do this well. If you want a higher level of results, you go with semi-professional (Thermador, Wolf, Viking, etc). These are hand built equipment and are usually constructed as per order, which may take 6 - 10 weeks. Most other brands are more prefab construction. Basically, you get what you pay for.

                                                                                                                7 Replies
                                                                                                                1. re: kilona

                                                                                                                  you DO NOT get what you paid for with VIKING!!!! Plus their customer service could not be any worse!! VIKING IS AN INFERIOR PRODUCT - DO NOT BUY!!! hAVE BEEN SUFFERING FOR YEARS WITH MY VIKING OVEN AND COOKTOP, RIGHT FROM THE START!! Are you a repair person, looking for business? And if these things are HAND BUILT...shouldn't they be rather perfect?? NOT!

                                                                                                                  1. re: kilona


                                                                                                                    1. re: kilona

                                                                                                                      I'm not going to scream at you, but I do want to point out that some of us don't live in places with lots of Viking techs (we have one person who can work on Viking ovens in our area - the NC Research Triangle). So 6-10 weeks is actually a very optimistic guess as to how long you have to live without a stove/oven given Vikings lack of customer support. Yeah, I'm guessing in a big city it isn't such a big problem. I don't know where you live. But for a lot of us, it really isn't worth it to have an oven that isn't trustworthy, no matter how great a job it does (and I'm not convinced that my Viking does that much better a job than another stove, but I can't say for sure since this is the only one I've had in my 10 years here). We had to go something like 3 months without an oven a few years back. That is not what I paid for.

                                                                                                                      1. re: LulusMom

                                                                                                                        Thanks for your message. I decided to purchase the viking stove after communicating directly with professional chefs in NYC and San Fancisco. They all recommended either Wolf or Thermador, but said Viking is a third choice. The first two were just too expensive. They warned all of these models are not great with reliability, but cooking results are unmached by most other brands. That said, I purchased a 5-year extended warrenty with an option for another 5 years with the store I purchased from (not Viking) which has been in business for about 50 years and has a nationwide web site. So I am conficent the store will not go belly up along with my warrenty. I checked out their service record on-line and it was excelent. I called one of the chefs at the time of purchase to double check last minute details of the model and to make sure the warrenty bumper to bumper. If I lived a rural area of the US I would have never bought the Viking knowing the reliability issues. I probably would have bought an Electrolux reluctantly since cooking results are not so great based on reviews, but reliability is good.

                                                                                                                        1. re: kilona

                                                                                                                          It sounds like there are a lot of people who don't have problems with their Vikings, and I am going to hope and assume that you will be won of them. Happy cooking!

                                                                                                                          1. re: kilona

                                                                                                                            You made the WRONG decision! Did you read the fine print of your extended warranty? Will it cover parts and service for all the igniters you will be replacing? Will someone come and repaint all the lettering that will come off when cleaning, even with mild soap? What will they do for you when all the paint bubbles and comes off from the burner grates as well as grill (if you have one on the stove). Viking told me i did not remove the protective plastic covering!!! I most certainly did remove it. My list could go on. I, too, bought my viking from a store that had been in business well before i was born (i'm 59) and guess what??? they closed up about 6 months after i bought the viking. You should have listened to ALL the miserable viking owners out there on several sites and not to your professional chefs. I would say there are more unhappy owners, than happy ones. I, too, am in the food business and every home i go into that has a viking....something is broken...1 oven doesn't work, door broken etc etc. some homes where they don't cook - they have it just for 'show'. If i had known this before i bought the viking i would not have bought one. I have had mine for 15 miserable years and it has brought me nothing but problems especially when a holiday rolls around. I would love to see a post from you after owning a viking. I would also be curious if the newer models are any better....(somehow i doubt it). I hope you are a 'lucky' one.

                                                                                                                            1. re: chiacchio

                                                                                                                              Well, my Viking has had no problems, the lettering does not wipe off, the ignitors have not failed, the burners are solid. All good. Maybe newer Vikings are totally different beast.

                                                                                                                      2. Okay all, I was in this horrifying discussion back in 2007 when problems with my 2005 30" Viking dual fuel range were erupting like bombs over Baghdad. Last summer the ignitors were firing on their own while nobody was in the house, meaning the problems were never ending and not due to me. I am a food professional who was a coast away at the time. Viking flatly refused any help. I could barely get someone to speak to me until I had a lawyer call them. I had the dangerous range removed and had to buy something else at my own expense so I could cook in my own house. DO NOT GO NEAR ANYTHING MARKED VIKING. I also own a Blue Star which is just wonderful and I replaced the Viking with a 30" all gas Wolf because I could not afford the dual fuel and it works just fine. No trouble. This is what I know to be true.

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                                                                                                                        1. re: mahasandhi

                                                                                                                          Wow, I had the identical issue and it was terrrifying. My oven contined to heat up and all the knobs were on off. I called the service guys and they couldn't replicate the issue so they replaced the thermostat for $517. The minute they left, the oven turned itself back on and my place was heating up with awful smell. They came back and couldn't replicate it so they left. A week later the oven still didn't work and they came again and lo and behold the oven continued to heat up when the controls were on off. They replaced the valve for $50 and swore it wouldn't happen again. I have had so many issues over the years that I am convinced the oven is alive.

                                                                                                                          1. re: mahasandhi

                                                                                                                            I am having a similar issue with my oven, and the "On" light stays on all the time. I am considering turning of the circuit breaker to it when I am not around just to be safe. In addition, the hinges on my lower oven are shot, and the door flops open if I don't wedge a wooden spoon or something in the side of it. Check out the cost just to buy the parts to replace the hinges. Ridiculous. The control panel is malfunctioning, meaning the self clean function no longer works, the timer works only intermittently, the lettering has all come off from steam venting through the knob holes, the thermostat does not work right, it can be set on 200 and the oven will be at 400. I paid $4300 for this thing in 2002. It performed OK for the first couple years but my 25 year old GE, which the Viking replaced, was in better shape than my Viking is now. I would really like to take it out in the backyard and go "Office Space" on it. I also have a Viking dishwasher (piece of junk), warming drawer (so far so good), cooktop - (many, many problems with ignitors) and compactor (still works but the fan switch fell apart, and the lettering has come off it also). I am looking at new ovens, and Viking will not be one of them.

                                                                                                                          2. While I have no doubt that people have had genuine problems with their Viking, I have had mine for about 3 years and have had absolutely no problems. It looks great and it works great. It's the all gas model. I would say that I like the bigger oven capacity and the burners on the Bluestar better (my sister has that one), but I like the look of the Viking and the controls work very well. It's the sealed unit type of burner and that appears to give a ring of fire with a cold spot in the centre, but in use, the heat is perfectly even if you use decent cookware. My only concern is in wok cooking. Again, it works just fine, but the flame is really not under the centre of the wok and so that doesn't seem good. If it was, I feel I would get a hotter wok.

                                                                                                                            I actually had a Wolf before that and returned it because the two part burners did not work properly and were dangerous because the inner burner would often run without lighting and so would just dispense unburned gas and you wouldn't know it unless you lift your pan to check. These Wolfs should be recalled for safety, as far as I'm concerned. They also feel much cheaper and flimsy than the Viking.

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                                                                                                                            1. re: gravyboater


                                                                                                                            2. Has anyone noticed that this is a post from 2006? I imagine in the intervening 6+ years that the OP has bought her new oven. Perhaps we can move on.

                                                                                                                              1. I have baked since I was 12, and have worked in a professional bakery for years. Finally was able to buy nice double ovens. DISASTER. They are terrible. If I did not have a cheaper stove in my basement, I would have nothing. Too browned cakes on top. Service reps came outout three times. Found nothing. Say's if you learn to use it, you love it. Dries out my cakes. Leaves the middle wet. Do not buy if you want to bake. The expense makes me the most furious.

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                                                                                                                                1. I completely agree. Our 4 burner top has always been iffy, but when we had friends (who happen to be fire-fighters) over one of them commented on the gas smell coming from the oven. We were so used to the smell that we didn't notice it, but we immediately called someone in, who verified that indeed one of the burners was leaking. Took something like 4 months (and like you, our Viking was more than 7 years old, but only just) to get anyone to even look at it. We bought (thanks to the helpfulness of other ChowHounds) an induction burner to cook on during that time.

                                                                                                                                  When we next update our kitchen or have another kitchen to do, we will NOT be buying a viking.