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Nov 22, 2006 05:53 PM

Shula's Steak House? Portland.

I was just invited to a meal there,but have read some reviews from around the country which were less than enthusiastic. Has anyone eaten there yet? Thanks.

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  1. I haven't been to the one in Portland but I've been to some in other cities. It's the same old big piece of red meat for a big ticket that you get at any Morton's, Ruth Chris, etc. The food will be good so be gracious to the person that invited you, hopefully they are picking up the tab. If you want a great steak and like to support the home team go to the Portland Steak and Chop House in the Embassy Suites. They do the big red thing as well as anyone.

    1. start with a slab of usda prime dry-aged beef, a 700 degree grill and a cook who gives a damn - it is impossible to not get a superb steak. the difference among steakhouses who offer all the above is always in the other things; the salads, the bread, the potatoes, the drinks, the service. while shula's was far better when it was only one location in miami, you will not be sorry someone bought your dinner there. on my own dime (or $50 bill, in this case...), i prefer to support the local guys.

      1. Less than enthusiastic alert.

        Overly bright room, strangely configured. Dopey shtick: menu on football, introductions to the various shrink-wrapped cuts o' meat. Service was sweet, but inexperienced. And the steaks. . .nothing you can't get six other places in town.

        As long as you aren't paying, grin and bear it--you won't die. If the invite is to go dutch, you should probably be shampooing your hair that night.


        1. Thanks for all your responses.

          1. The only place to get a steak in Portland is the Ringside. Go to the one on Burnside Ave. (St.?) not the one near the airport. A steak is a steak is a steak. Ringside is all about the atmosphere. Ringside is pure 1950s lounge. If only the Puritans hadn't banned cigars indoors, it would be nirvana.

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              I agree about Ringside (West). It is classic cuisine with a nice atmosphere. It hasn't been around as long as it has without earning a reputation for its dining experience.

              I lived in S. Florida and entertained at the original Shula's only because my guests wanted to go there. What Hard Rock Cafe is to food with music, Shula's is to steak with football. There is a reason there are so many steak houses popping up across the country - it's pretty difficult to do anything bad to a good piece of beef. Even some top Las Vegas dining venues are making a conversion to steakhouse cuisine.

              If you are a guest, I hope you enjoy the dinner. If you have a choice try Ringside (West).