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Nov 22, 2006 05:53 PM

Pinkberry or Stinkberry? [moved from L.A. board]

Yesterday we went to Pinkberry for the first time. We wanted to try it because many of our friends love it. The interior design was appealing, but we were startled as we took the first bites of our Cookies and Cream yogurt. It was bad and tasted sour. Not how frozen yogurt should taste. We don't know the nutritional facts, but we hope that it was nutritional because it was so disgusting. We were expecting much more. The best part of the yougurt was the oreos and we can buy those at Ralphs. Never going back.

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  1. Pinkberry's yogurt is supposed to be tangy. If you're expecting standard American soft serve, you're very likely to find it sour.

    I also think adding Oreos to it would make it taste even more sour, like adding cookies to plain yogurt.

    Pinkberry (to me) is best plain or with tart fruit, not with sweet things like chocolate or butterscotch. Sorry you didn't like it; I always warn people that it's going to be tangy, and that if they don't like plain yogurt they won't like it.

    A good comparison is the Asian drink Yoogloo, actually. Or Chinese Yang le duo in the tiny plastic bottles (about two inches high). If you don't like that, you won't like Pinkberry.

    Pinkberry really should not be referred to as frozen yogurt. It's BAD frozen yogurt, but it's GOOD whatever it is. Yogurt ice?

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      "Yang le duo in the tiny plastic bottles (about two inches high)"

      YES! That is exactly the reference point I was looking for.

      I also agree that Pinkberry yogurt plus sweet ingredients seems like a bad idea. Tangier fruits work well...

      1. re: igj

        Found it!

        Yang-le-duo is actually the Chinese/Taiwanese name for a Japanese lactic drink (yogurt drink, MUCH better than the yogurt smoothies that have become kind of popular in the US lately).

        They are so cute:

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          Yakult!! Yes, you can find them at Hispanic Supermarkets if you don't have an Asian one nearby... (Don't ask how I know this... just buy it!!! :))


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          yang le duo tastes exactly like the yogurt blend korean cafes use in their yogurt soju. soooo goooooood!

        3. I guess i'm a weirdo... I like Oreos in my pinkberry... :) It does make it more of an impact, but it's nice to have that contrast of flavors and textures... In fact, I'm in big trouble because I saw a sign at the bagel shop around the corner that they are going to start carrying fiore yogurt (Which I actually perfer to pinkberry...)


          1. It's like actual frozen yogurt, not like ice cream. I like it, but I can see how some people might not (particularly if they were expecting a standard ice-cream-like frozen dessert). Went to the PB on Larchmont Saturday evening, which of course had a line out the door. At first it made me a little sad to see the nearly empty Baskin Robbins next door, then it came to me that that BR will undoubtedly still be there serving its 31 flavors long after Pink Berry's gone.

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              Don't be sad. In a town where it hits 92 in the middle of November, there's room for many frozen treats. Not that I don't think you're right.

            2. I always thought that normal "frozen yogurt" tasted bad. I think of tangy yogurt-flavored frozen things when I think of what the words "frozen yogurt" means to me...

              Not that I'm a huge fan of Pinkberry or anything. Give me Fage yogurt with honey any day! (If only because I can't get Kaefer in the States *sob*)

              1. Went to Pinkberry on 6th and Berendo yesterday. I was going to get the green tea flavor but the cashier said it was more sour than the original so I stuck with the original. (Plus the green tea was $1 more than the original.)

                I had to tell the cashier what I wanted on my yogurt and they printed out my selections on a sticker to stick to my yogurt cup. I got granola, yogurt chips and blackberries. The granola was good - sweet and crunchy - but seemed to be mostly oatmeal pieces, no nuts. The yogurt chips were probably good by themselves but I didn't like them with my yogurt because they ended up partly frozen in my mouth and I got stuck with yogurt chips in my teeth. The blackberries were big and juicy and delicious.

                The frozen yogurt is as most people said - tangy. I liked it because I like the tanginess in yogurt. Maybe that's why I didn't find the sourness too sour. If you eat regular plain yogurt, Pinkberry's yogurt is much the same - just colder. The yogurt was also slightly sweet with a hint of lemon.

                However, for $4.95 (medium, 3 toppings) I'm not sure I would go back. I don't know if they gave me the proper amount but I do feel they were stingy with the ingredients. I think I only got about 6 or 7 blackberries... I could just buy regular yogurt and put fresh fruit on it for less money and hassle.

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                1. re: AlwayzHungry

                  Not that I don't agree their prices are atrocious, but they seem to be much more generous with their toppings during the height of the summer fruit season. That was also at the original WeHo location; what happens at each branch is probably up to the franchise owner to some extent.

                  I usually just get a $3 plain; especially at this time of year, I don't need the bad fruit.

                  1. re: AlwayzHungry

                    You were lucky to get six or seven blackberries - my last visit to the MdR location scored me five - I watched the server count them out... WTF? I won't be going back...