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Nov 22, 2006 05:27 PM

Is the Dining Room at Ritz really all that?

I normally wouldn't put much interest in a Ritz b/c my young-ish mind conceives of it as very staid and grandmotherly, not fab and foodie. Am I wrong? I've read some good things here about the 9 course dual tasting menus. I'm also considering Gary Danko, 5th Floor, Mina. I appreiciate any input. Thank you.

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  1. Put my vote in for no, the Dining Room is not all that. I prefer Manresa, Redd, and TFL over the Dining Room any day.

    Of the ones you've listed, the salt and pepper tasting at the Dining Room would be the only reason to choose it over GD. GD is a nice "value" in that category. The food isn't eye-opening, but it's well executed and the souffle is amongst the best I've had. I'd choose The Dining Room over Mina though.

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      i thought manresa was outside the city? ditto on Redd? and i know FL is! we won't have a car to travel to these places. but other recs in the city are appreciated. thank you.

    2. I prefer the Ritz to TFL, so there you go. As to GD, I find it a LOT more staid, so to speak, than the Ritz ... all that boring black, and not in a hip way.

      Depends on what you think is 'fab and foodie".

      Here's the test. Do you like Chez Panisse? If not, you won't like the Ritz. The Ritz is all about the flavor ... getting amazing flavor out of each dish ... not cutting edge maybe, just delicious.

      Haven't been to 5th floor, but you might like Michael Mina which is a noiseir place and they play with the food in those three-way combos. I liked it, but I liked the Ritz more.

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        The Chez Panisse test is an odd test. They're on opposite ends of the spectrum in style and decor. I like Chez Panisse, and don't like the Ritz. CP is yet another place that I'd go to over the Ritz.

      2. Our anniversary dinner last year was at the Ritz and it was probably the best dinner we've ever had in SF. We've eaten at TFL 3 times and I thought the Ritz was better, certainly less pretinous. Ron Siegel is an amazing chef, we've followed him throughout the city, Charles Nob Hill, Masa's and now the Ritz. He has never disappointed.

        Plus, if you are looking for atmosphere, this is the place. Service is outstanding, a champagne cart to start just for openers.

        I have not doubt out next anniversary dinner will be an instant replay of last year.

        1. I took my best friend to the Ritz for his birthday and had a terrific dinner. I would say that not everything on the tasting menu was great but the good ones were fantastic. The only draw back of the Ritz is that the atmosphere is kinda stuffy and conservative. Having had GD many times(my sister's fav) I would definitely choose the Ritz over it. GD has been mediocre the last 3 times there - needs new life. I've only been to Mina and once and will never go back (maybe not fair but it was that bad). The 5th Floor is also a winner but try the Ritz first =) .