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Your thoughts on fast-food restaurants serving alcohol ...

It came as quite a shock to me that several Carl's Jr. locations and a Subway in the area where I work (downtown Los Angeles) actually serve beer and wine.

To me, this just seems a bit, how do I put it, odd.

Sort of like Spago or Per Se offering Kool-Aid as a dessert drink instead of port, I suppose.

What are your thoughts about fast-food places serving alcohol?

More importantly, do you typically pair your Whopper with a nice lager or a Zin? BYOB to Ronald McDonald's house maybe?

Curious about your thoughts ...

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  1. ipsedixit, Opus One goes surprisingly well with a Big Mac.

    1. I love going to Europe and drinking the beer they have at McDonalds.

      At one point they offered, "McBeer".


      1. Wahoos does a beer of the week that is VERY cheap and sometimes rather good (Dos Equis). So I'm TOTALLY for it! :)


        1. Mc Beer....that is hilarious! I guess I could understand a beer with fast food....anytime we bring fast food home, both my husband and FIL crack open a beer to drink with it, so why not have one in the restaurant? But wine...? I don't think wine would work as well. The only thing that worries me is a lot of fast food is eaten in the car. You can't drink a beer in the car. I think the thing that keeps fast food in business is the fact it can be eaten in the car, so I don't think this would go over well.

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            The best in Europe is seeing the beer tap being all computerized like the soda taps right next to it. No generous pours there, but the prices are the best for Europe beer.

          2. i'm reminded of the scene in the film 'sideways' where miles drinks his vintage cheval blanc with a burger and fries at a fast food place.

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            1. Gotta put a stop to it. Next thing you know, people will start thinking that wine and beer are food. Can't have that, can we?

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                People already consider Beer as food as in the following long standing motto (or ad slogan):

                "Drink Guinness, it's good for you"

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                  Whoa, whoa... in a country like the U.S. where the average person eats one serving of fruit/vegetable per day... wine would be an essential source of phytochemicals & antioxidants.

                2. I think this is a simple cultural difference between the US (and Canada) and the far more relaxed attitude many Europeans have towards beer. We seem to think that we need to regulate alcohol wherever we can, Europeans seem to think that adults are generally capable of making the right decision without the state telling them what to do.

                  I have zero problems with beer availability in fast food places. One thing I love about cinemas in Europe is that many sell ice cold bottles of beer. Great addition to pretzels and a hot dog. Makes movies that much better.

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                    I don't know where most of you live, but in California there are a number of fast food chains that sell beer and/or wine... they just don't sell it to go....

                    Baja Buds

                    To name a few

                    1. re: Eat_Nopal

                      Yeah, the bum hustling for change in front the my local Rubios seemd to be saving up for a beer and taco there.

                  2. I'd rather that ffr's like KFC and Subway serve the booze than know that someone can just pop over to the DRIVE THRU Daquiri Stand to get their fix. Seriously. In Louisiana, of course.

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                      Not only drive-thru daiquiris, but doughnut shops with liquor licenses, too. Video poker is legal in LA, but to get a gaming license, the operator has to have a liquor license (logically, if you check IDs for alcohol, you'll check 'em for VP). So damn near every corner cafe, sandwich shop, poboy joint, doughnut & coffee place, etc serves alcohol & has video poker. I haven't seen any of the national chains follow suit, though.

                    2. I would very much like a glass of San Giovese with a Barbacoa plate at Chipotle, or a Gewurtz with some good Tacos Al Pastor.

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                        ". . . a Gewurtz with some good Tacos Al Pastor". Make sure that is a sharp 9rather than sweet) Gewurtz and I'll join you!

                      2. I have had a bite on the southside of Indianapolis, Greenwood to be exact and took it in stride that Baja Fresh had a number of bottled beers available. I cannot remember if the one time I was in Chipotle in Bloomington if they had beer available or not. I don't think it really registered as unusual to me. Cerveza and a fish taco or a carnitas seem like a perfect match to me.

                        1. Doesn't Cally sell wine just about everywhere? When we visit family in LA, I am always jealous of the convenience!

                          1. Several fast food franchises here in Toronto have applied and gotten liquour licences. I'm not a fan of any of the chains that I know have done this so I can't really say whether I like it or not.

                            1. Back in the late 70's I worked down the street from McD's headquarters in Oakbrook, Il. The HQ franchise served the regular clown fare as well as deli sandwiches, beer, and a few type of wine.

                              Still wouldn't eat there.

                              1. When I think fast food I think drive-thru and take out. In that context, beer and wine seems like a bad idea in a conventional wisdom sort of way. If they eat there and sit I don't see a problem.

                                1. Even with a drive through I don't really see the problem. It all boils down to personal responsibility. If I am idiot enough that want to drink whilst driving I will do so regardless of where I buy my booze.

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                                    If you're a fan of drive-through booze, move to Louisiana. Drive through daiquiri shops abound. To comply with the open container laws, the shops serve the drinks in foam cups with a tiny bit of red tape over the straw hole. If stopped by a policeman, the container is considered closed if your straw is still in the wrapper & your red tape seal is still in place.

                                  2. I lost a bet a few years ago, the guys said the Carls across from the central library in downtown LA served pitchers of beer for $4.25 I said no way would they serve beer, well I lost that bet and a bunch of us used to go every thursday and call it a safety meeting. The beer went quite WELL with cheeseburgers, I think the way they can get away with it there is parking is almost impossible and they cater to the work crowd or mostly those who are not going to be driving right away.

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