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Nov 22, 2006 05:04 PM

Penfold's Bin 389

Have a client that is "obsessed" with Penfold's Bin 389. Would like to buy them a case for a gift. Which year is the best? Thanks in advance.

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    1. re: byrd

      You probably won't have much choice. Of recent vintages, the 2000 was the best. But you will probably have to buy the 2003 since that is what will be available. However, it is still a fairly good wine and the 2003 was not a bad year at all.

    2. If you trust the judgement of Wine Spectator's Harvey Steiman, he gave the 2003 vintage (the most recent vintage) a score of 88 about two months ago. A year earlier, he gave the 2002 vintage an 89. Here's the links to their brief WS reviews:

      Unless you know a dealer that can protect their wine stock from the damaging heat of a Texas summer, I think you should get the 2003 vintage.

      1. The 2000 is available from a store called Garagiste at for $17 a bottle. They are in Seattle but ship nationwide. I have no $$ in them, I've just ordered from them in the past