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Nov 22, 2006 04:51 PM

STEAMED stinky tofu (chou dofu)

i'm generally not very pleased with NY's fried stinky tofu, especially compared to how it's made in taiwan. but i've been craving STEAMED stinky tofu since my recent trip back to the motherland. does anybody know where i can get STEAMED stinky tofu in NY?

if this helps:
there's a legendary eating joint in XiMenDing,Taipei called "Long Ji" where they make the best steamed stinky tofu i've ever tasted. for the taiwanese hounds, if you can recommend anything close to THAT...that'd be ideal.

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  1. There use to be a small takeout place in Flushing on Prince Street between 40th Rd and Roosevelt. It was a very non-descript
    place where you get takeout. I'm not sure if its there anymore. Maybe someone up here has more info or lives by there and can check it out.

    1. There is also a popular Taiwanese restaurant on 39th avenue btw Main and Prince across the street from the church. Its a Taiwanese restaurant and I think they got what you are looking for.

      I can only eat this cooked with something spicy otherwise I keep on thinking about dirty socks.

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      1. re: designerboy01

        oh yeah, i know that place. i love eating there. they have stinky tofu, but not the kind where it's steamed. thanks anyway

        ahhhh dude, gotta love the stinkiness!

        1. re: inmandarin

          Yes you are right its fried. I don't know of a place that sells steamed. Maybe you can ask the restaurant if they can do steamed.

      2. The restaurant that “designerboy01” mentioned on Prince that sold stinky tofu was probably called “Fortune Gourmet.” It was on the corner of Roosevelt (southeast corner) and Prince. It went out of business several years ago. We never tried their stinky tofu, but we enjoyed their red bean ices very much.

        “Designerboy01” beat us to the punch while we were still composing our post, but we can confirm that on 39th Ave, between Main Street and Prince Street (on the same block as the Sheraton Hotel main entrance), near the middle of the block there is a small Taiwan restaurant that sells stinky tofu. We do not remember the name of the restaurant, but once one opens the door to the restaurant the smell of the stinky tofu hits you right away. It may be the first or second restaurant in the middle bunch of stores walking west from Main Street. Again, we have not tried the stinky tofu there (not sure if it is the steamed type that “inmandarin” is looking for rather than the fried), but from the smell, it is probably worth a try.

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        1. re: lwong

          hey thanks for the clarification. yeah i've been there before. but they don't have it steamed. it's tough finding steamed stinky tofu anywhere in ny. most places here usually fry them, which is totally fine. but i'm craving the steamed version, particularly.

          1. re: lwong

            probably ku-shiang, or what they are calling now, gu-shine.

          2. No its not Fortune Gourmet. I remember that place and when you walked by that store you definitely knew they sold stinky tofu because you can smell it from the street.

            The place I was referring to is on Prince street around the corner. Its a very small and non-descript place. I wouldn't of know about it, but I was going food shopping with my Taiwanese friend who did some take out stinky tofu. This was about 3-4 years ago and I'm not sure if that place is still there. But for stinky tofu it did look like it was done well.

            1. There's a place on main street right by flushing library that has stinky tofu. I had it once and I believe the staff told me it was steamed. It's called zen zen xiao guan in Chinese, with green restaurant sign outside. I di not know if it's the same version you had in ximending, but that place serves it steamed with broth and mushroom and green soybeans.
              Personally I needed it in something spicy for me to eat stinky tofu, but you can try that place to see how you like it.

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              1. re: zorgclyde

                hey thanks a lot. i know exactly where you're talking about. I never would have guessed that they serve steamed stinky tofu! the version that you're talking about wasn't exactly what i had in mind, but it's worth a shot! THIS was the version i had:

                much appreciated!

                1. re: inmandarin

                  I'm not sure about the food over there. I never went but I know someone in my family that did and they didn't sound positive about it. Let us know, they could of went on an off day.