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Nov 22, 2006 04:46 PM

Chowhounds in Wilmington NC!!


Well I'd like to find out if there are any members who live and go out to eat in Wilmington. Considering how many good restaurants there are here it seems like a good place to compare notes.

Bon appetit...

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  1. Me! Me! Pick me! I posted not long ago a bunch of my favorites for someone who was visiting here a couple of weeks ago. I agree with you. I'm really impressed with the number of good restaurants here. Been here about six years and still haven't discovered them all. Happy to swap notes with you. We're always looking for new places to try.

    1. Hi Andie, nice to meet you. So, it's a tough choice, but Eddie Romanelli's is my favorite place, for the pork chops! How 'bout you?

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        Nice to meet you, too. Have to confess Eddie's isn't one of my faves - but I've only been there once and had a really mediocre pasta dish. Love K-38 next door, though! Would have to say my favorite restaurant in town, bar none, is Deluxe, but there are just so many!

        Have you eaten at Viet Bistro?

      2. We ate at Viet Bistro last month. We had the summer rolls, pho with beef balls and rare steak, pho with chicken and a traditional banh mi sandwich (ham & pate). My wife and I are very familiar with Vietnamese food (having moved from the Northeast and her being Cambodian). We absolutely loved the food. Very fresh and well made, albeit a little more expensive than most casual Vietnamese places. The service was excellent as well.

        On another note: we did not Banyan Cafe at all.

        1. I love Banyan - but I did have one not so great meal there on a night when the regular chef was out. I think it's much better than Indochine.

          What do you know about other Italian places? I really was disappointed when they changed the format of Prima and turned it into another bistro - it's good, but Prima was the only up-scale Italian place we had that I know of. We've had takeout at Portofino's, but that's about it. You know any others?

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            The food was lukewarm and rather flavorless at Banyan. We ordered tamarind soup (one of our favorites) and got some unknown poultry broth-based soup. We sent it back, thinking it was a mistake, and they brought back the same thing. Service was terrible. We have not gone back since.

            We usually make Italian food at home. We have been leery of any places down here. We have not tried Indian food here either, for fear of being disappointed.

            We were very diappointed by Lazeeza, a Middle Eastern restaurant on South 17th Street. We ordered a Greek salad one night for take-out and it had wilted lettuce, unripe tomatoes and pepperoncinis that tasted like dish soap. And, to top it all off, it was almost $10.

            We loved Nagila: Morrocan Cafe on Wrightsville Avenue. The prices were a little high, but the food and service were excellent.

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              I love the food at Nagila, but I'm a little put off by the owner. We have some friends who took their visiting parents there, and they ordered extra pita to take home and asked how much it would be. They were told it would be $2.00 each. They got home and discovered that they'd been charged $4.00 each. When they called, the owner told them that it was $2.00 for extra pita in the restaurant, but $4.00 for pita to take home. Huh??? Then the last time I ate lunch there, the owner hovered over the new waitress and insulted, ridiculed and belittled her in front of us - kept talking about how stupid she was to us - then he kept trying to push more food on us in a very "slick salesman" fashion. But I agree the food is good. And all the other service besides his was excellent.

              I really am sorry to hear about your experience at Banyan. I think I know what waiter you probably got - we had one there once that was a few slices short of a loaf. He's gone now, and there's a girl who works there who is great. We know the owner, Nelson, and he's one of the nicest guys on the planet. I really love their food.

              I'd heard not great things about Lazeeza and ditto for Lanterna, on College.

              We eat Indian food at India Mahal on College. It's not bad - the place has zero atmosphere, and I can't say the service is all that good, but it's kind of funny, since it's family-owned and the teenage kids are waiting tables and obviously not happy about it. I don't mind their sulking a little, since I grew up having to work in my dad's retail store. That's just kids. But the food is pretty good. We have a friend who is from India and she says it's not bad, for American Indian food. But then, the family who owns it is Indian.

              Have you tried Double Happiness yet? It's pretty good, especially since we have a dearth of Chinese restaurants that aren't all-you-can-eat buffets.

          2. Andie, you haven't tried Giorgio's?! It's really delectable. Plus one meal there is easily enough for two people. Many times I've gone there and done the "Chinese restaraunt" thing, where everybody orders something and then shares it with everyone else.

            Also you really should try Taste of Italy, next to India Mahal. It's strictly take-out (well, they might have a small table by the window) but it is outstanding!

            I like India Mahal but I haven't eaten there in forever. I do remember their curry being pretty bad - all of their fried breads are excellent though.

            I don't think Lazeeza is that bad, but I only ever get kebabs there.

            Also I love the pork sandwich at Viet Bistro. I had read about Vietnamese restaraunts offering this so I was thrilled when they opened and offered it.

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              No, I've heard a lot of people talk about Giorgios. I definitely need to give it a try. And yes! Shame on me! I keep meaning to go to Taste of Italy, I hear they have such an excellent deli and great cheeses and I've been awful and not gone. I have a new motivation for going, though, since Harris-Teeter stopped carrying pancetta in anything but pre-packaged very fatty slices. Blegh.

              I haven't had the pork sandwich at Viet Bistro. I usually get their Pho. Man, I hope he makes it. The food there is just so good.

              Have you guys tried Tango du Chat yet? I did and was very disappointed. Too much muddle of flavors in the food. It was like the chef dumped every seasoning conceivable into one dish and it was just a confusion of spices.

              I really really really miss Harvest Moon - not the second iteration as much as the first full restaurant James did. That place had the best food in town. Expensive, but worth it.