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Urgent - Ft Lewis Wa - Thanksgiving for a soldier

First I apologize as I do not have time to search the boards. I just found out that my son who is stationed at Ft lewis had his Thanksgiving plans fall apart. I have offered to pay for his meal and a few friends at a restaurant that will take plastic over the phone. I want him to have the best possible, although price is somewhat of a consideration. Suggestions please!!!!!!!!

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  1. I think you'd be surprised how little time "Searching the Boards" actually takes. A search ot the PNW board for "Ft. Lewis" takes far less time than posting your message did.

    Might I suggest you give that a shot and come back with specific questions, if you have any.

    BTW, both Tacoma & Olympia are within easy driving distance of Ft. Lewis.

    Anyway, I'm sure your generous offer will be much appreciated by your son and his friends.

    1. I suggest the Lobster Shop on Ruston Way. (253-759-2165). (A proven Thanksgiving venue.)

      1. I'm not positive that they'll be open, but this is a good place to start. Water view and decent food tho not particularly gourmet. I tried to see if they had any thanksgiving meals listed but didn't see reference on line.

        Anthony’s at Point Defiance
        5910 North Waterfront Drive
        Tacoma, WA 98407
        (253) 752-9700
        General Manager: Keri Porritt
        Chef: John Smart
        e-mail: pointdefiance@anthonys.com

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          Anthony's is consistently disappointing. The Lobster Shop is great, though somewhat pricey.

        2. As a mom, I can sympathize with your plight. Unfortunately, I don't know many reasonably priced restaurants near Ft. Lewis that will be open on Thanksgiving. If your son or his friends have a car and can drive about 20 minutes south to Olympia, I checked the Falls Terrace restaurant and they are open.

          Amongst other offerings (see website for complete menu) they are serving a traditional roast turkey dinner for $16.99 per person for soup or salad, rolls, veggies, turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie or bread pudding for dessert. The Falls Terrace is not the fanciest place around - but it does have a beautiful view of the Deschutes Falls and they serve a decent meal, especially the more traditional fare.

          Their phone (for reservations) is 360-943-7830 and the website is: www.fallsterrace.com

          Best of luck to your son and his friends - you are a very sweet Mama!

          1. If all else fails, the chow halls will be open on base for those single soldiers who are there over the weekend.

            1. I thank you all. I found out about his change of plans just before boarding a flight in Dublin so I truly did not have time to search the boards, especially since I am unfamiliar with the area and so is he, only recently being assigned there. I will let you know where he ends up - there seems to be several good options. He does have a car, so that helps. I just remember how lonely it was during holidays way back when I was in the Army so I want him to have a special time rather than another meal at a chow hall, although I hear they are much improved these days. Happy Thanksgiving to y'all.

              1. Just so y'all know - my sone ended up on duty both Thanksgiving and Friday, also. He went to the Lobster Pot South last night and reported a delightful dinner and "very professional" service. thanks for all of your input. It was truly appreciated!

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                  Swat, Glad the local Chowhounds came through. Thank your son for his service and we wish all his comrades well for the holidays and the coming year. Be safe.

                2. Good Morning,

                  Not sure what your son's rank is, but many units, my husbands included, are providing complete Thanksgiving meals to soldiers with families. I know that in my husbands company I have arranged for 30 complete dinners, to include the turkey and fresh pumpkin pie. If he is e4 or below he should be able to have a complete dinner provided to him to cook at home. Otherwise I agree, look down here in Olympia, Anthonys is one of our favorites, great food, great location, wonderful people!

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                      OMG that is just funny! I didn't look at that part! Thanks Firecracker!
                      Happy Thanksgiving

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                        The very same to you, Lisa! Hope you're with your family for Thanksgiving!

                  1. My son and some of his unit will not be able to come home for Thanksgiving this year . This will be his first Thanksgiving at Ft Lewis. I wanted to do something to help there Thanksgiving dinner to be nice. Can anyone help ! thank you!

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                      If your son is single, the chow hall has a complete Thanksgiving dinner, the command group serves the soldiers. It's a nice day, or at least each time we serve, we enjoy spending this time with our soldiers. If he has a family, making Thanksgiving at his home could be a great adventure. Sometimes soldiers go to a fellow soldiers homes and spend the holiday together. Many restaurants offer a thanksgiving dinner buffet, the All Ranks Club has a thanksgiving dinner, he can call and make reservations there with his family or battle buddies and eat well. There is tons to do, and places to eat.

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                        I do not know about todays' Army, but in yesterdays' the Chaplains office always had a list of local families who would invite troops into their homes for the day. We would check later to see how things went and it was no surprise to us that many of the new troops ended up playing with the kids. I extended this program to include my new Lieutenants as well as those up to the grade of Spec 4.

                        If you are concerned about a troops mental well being, never forget their birthday. I had a Colonel of mine get all misty when we presented him with candles and a cake at the staff meeting. Just like the troops fresh off the plane.

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                          My son is also trying to come home for Christmas . It's a lot of money for a plane ticket from Seatle to New York ! I call all the airlines and ask about all the airports to fine the lowest airfare! I do ask for the military discount ! Is there anything im over looking ! My son is a E3 and he will be in 1 year this week!
                          Thank you!

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                          Yes he is single ! I talk to him last night and they are talking about doing something together ! Thanks

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                            Sign up for every airlines email alerts, you will find discounts often. As you are already aware fares by Christmas are very high, try the week after Christmas or before. Or look into a family trip somewhere during a different week if at all possible. It is difficult for those of us in the military to visit families during holidays quite honestly. But the friends we meet in this great DoD community are lifelong. Know your son will be taken care of, and although the food won't be mom's it will still be good.

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                            When my dad was in the AF, we'd go to the mess hall for Thanksgiving as a family (my mom was not an enthusiastic cook!) and I remember it being pretty decent. Of course YMMV

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                              The mess hall was close for Easter and they ended up going to a fast food place. He really doesn't think the mess hall will not be open either for Thanksgiving! That is why i was asking what was out there for my son. My son is at Ft. lewis , All of our family lives in New York state. thank you for all your reply

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                                They do scale back on the number of mess halls open, but there is ALWAYS a mess hall open every day of the year. I helped serve on Easter of this year at a mess hall, not sure who gave your son that misinformation. Have him contact the chaplain for his unit to locate open mess halls during holidays.

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                                  I can understand why an E-3 might be uncomfortable asking Sergeants and especially officers seemingly simple questions. The Chaplain is there for everybody, whatever their religious background.

                                  We officers always wore dress mess when serving. Your son may want to go the extra effort and wear his greens We averaged about 50% in West Germany. Ribbons, not medals.

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                                    I know my husband always makes certain every soldier in his command has somewhere to go during the holidays, he tells them which dining facility is open, and activly encourages married soldiers to invite one or more single soldiers to join them. We have hosted more soldiers over our 20 years than I can count. For those who choose to stay on post in the barracks he makes sure they have something set up to do, has his LTs, and SSgts check up on them as well as us. This year we will be on vacation, but we have already set in place checks to make sure his soldiers are cared for. I'm not sure why this young man is being left out and not taken care of. But we are "old army" where we take care of our soldiers.

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                                      hey Indianriverfl, where in West Germany? We were at Ramstein

                                      1. re: coney with everything

                                        2/81st AR Erlangen, HHC 1st AD Ansbach, 1/37th AR Katterbach, HHC 3rd AD Frankfurt/M, HQ Giessen MILCOM, 2/32nd AR Kirch Goens, plus as a dependent husband back in Frankfurt and Mannheim.

                                        And to keep this in a Chow theme, I took a great interest in our Mess Halls. As my Mess Sergeants would attest.

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                              My wife and I would be happy to “adopt” your son for Thanksgiving. We’ve got 3 kids and there is always room for an extra seat at the table.

                              1. re: frankovich

                                I want to thank you for your generosity! He said him and his friends are going to try to cook a meal ! My son as well said thank you for opening your home too him!

                            3. Help!!!! We are looking at airline flights from ft Lewis Seattle to New york city they went up $100 in a few hrs. so its up too $978.. /can anyone help.. please!! date is Dec. 20 Jan3

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                                You can always try sites like kayak or cheapflights both have good rates. Try signing up with airlines directly, they offer discounts via email. Southwest, at one time, had an app that had great rates listed every Tuesday. I hope this helps.