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Nov 22, 2006 04:39 PM

Urgent - Ft Lewis Wa - Thanksgiving for a soldier

First I apologize as I do not have time to search the boards. I just found out that my son who is stationed at Ft lewis had his Thanksgiving plans fall apart. I have offered to pay for his meal and a few friends at a restaurant that will take plastic over the phone. I want him to have the best possible, although price is somewhat of a consideration. Suggestions please!!!!!!!!

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  1. I think you'd be surprised how little time "Searching the Boards" actually takes. A search ot the PNW board for "Ft. Lewis" takes far less time than posting your message did.

    Might I suggest you give that a shot and come back with specific questions, if you have any.

    BTW, both Tacoma & Olympia are within easy driving distance of Ft. Lewis.

    Anyway, I'm sure your generous offer will be much appreciated by your son and his friends.

    1. I suggest the Lobster Shop on Ruston Way. (253-759-2165). (A proven Thanksgiving venue.)

      1. I'm not positive that they'll be open, but this is a good place to start. Water view and decent food tho not particularly gourmet. I tried to see if they had any thanksgiving meals listed but didn't see reference on line.

        Anthony’s at Point Defiance
        5910 North Waterfront Drive
        Tacoma, WA 98407
        (253) 752-9700
        General Manager: Keri Porritt
        Chef: John Smart

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          Anthony's is consistently disappointing. The Lobster Shop is great, though somewhat pricey.

        2. As a mom, I can sympathize with your plight. Unfortunately, I don't know many reasonably priced restaurants near Ft. Lewis that will be open on Thanksgiving. If your son or his friends have a car and can drive about 20 minutes south to Olympia, I checked the Falls Terrace restaurant and they are open.

          Amongst other offerings (see website for complete menu) they are serving a traditional roast turkey dinner for $16.99 per person for soup or salad, rolls, veggies, turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie or bread pudding for dessert. The Falls Terrace is not the fanciest place around - but it does have a beautiful view of the Deschutes Falls and they serve a decent meal, especially the more traditional fare.

          Their phone (for reservations) is 360-943-7830 and the website is:

          Best of luck to your son and his friends - you are a very sweet Mama!

          1. If all else fails, the chow halls will be open on base for those single soldiers who are there over the weekend.