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Nov 22, 2006 04:35 PM

Cong Ly- other than pho?

I've read many posts on this board saying Cong Ly is great for pho. Is that still true? Also, how is their menu/food for more than just a bowl of pho?

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  1. I havent eaten there in years but I used to eat there a lot, and I'd never order pho, unless I was hungover. Their other stuff is (was) great: beautifully presented grilled meats with leafy accompaniments, etc. I looked in a few days ago and noticed their menu is even bigger than I remembered (and the same guy is working there!)

    1. Their Pho is, imho, the best in the city. Sometimes they even put Culantro on the basil & sprouts plate. Never really eat anything else there except the spring & summer rolls which are good.

      1. Ask for their "Cong Ly" special. The best stuff in town.

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          What exactly is the "cong ly special"? Also, How is the vegetarian selection there? I want to bring my girlfriend, but she's a total veg-head.

        2. Definitely get a plate of spring rolls and eat them with the Thai basil, lettuce and sauce. Absolutely delicious. I was just there a week ago and, yes, the pho is still good! Enjoy!

          1. agree with the others that the spring and summer rolls are very good. the pho is solid, although to be fair i'm comparing it with the really outstanding stuff out in westminster, california (so. cal's little saigon). by nyc standards, the pho at cong ly is very good - among the best in the city.

            i also really like the grilled pork (or beef) atop rice crepes dish, topped with peanut bits and chives. definitely one of the best items on the whole menu.

            fyi the place usually closes around 8pm (the owner told me that since all the other businesses on the block close around then, he figured he ought to do the same - perhaps for safety reasons?).

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              How would Cong Ly be other than pho and summer rolls...??

              I am trying to find a good Vietnamese place in Chinatown for a group of about 8-10 interested in trying/sharing a variety of foods...

              On my list so far are Nha Trang; Doyers; Cong Ly. I have never been to Cong Ly but like the others all right...which would be best and what dishes to order???

              1. re: erica

                just fyi, cong ly is a tiny place, there is probably 1 table that might be able to fit that many its a dump if ure looking for decor

                i always go for pho or vermacelli dishes (more individual than family style)

                1. re: Lau

                  Thanks, Lau. I don't care about decor but it sounds as if it might be too small...of course we could go early to snag the large table if the food is that good..