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Nov 22, 2006 04:13 PM

Pumpkin Cheesecake - how bad did I mess up?

So I made the cooks illustrated pumpkin cheesecake this morning to bring to my future in-laws tonight. It has a graham cracker crust, which I prebaked, and then put the filling in and baked that in a water bath as directed.

All was looking good until it cooled a bit and I tried to lift the foil-wrapped pan from the water. The foil was FULL of WATER! I drained it as best I could, and then tried to tip the cheesecake to get the water out, but the cheesecake started to slip out.

So now, the unwrapped cheesecake is firming up in the fridge, and I'm nervously waiting. Tell me, chowers, should I still bring it? Will it be edible or a soggy mess? Please help!

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  1. That happened to me once too. The cheesecake itself baked up fine, just the bottom crust was a little soggy.

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      Yeah, same here... maybe the crust will dry up if you do let it sit out on a rack.

    2. Let it cool and dry out at room temp on a cookie not cover until it is completely cool

      1. I've had it happen. It was fine. I agree about letting it dry.

        1. Thanks all. Great advice!