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Nov 22, 2006 03:36 PM

Miss Mamie's Spoonbread Too--110th St. off Columbus Ave (Report)

I have eaten at this branch of Miss Mamie's several times over the years. When I think of soul food, honestly, I seldom think of going there. In the past I thought the food was just OK, sometimes good.

Last night, I was hungry, and I had no particular place in mind. I happened to drive by Miss Mamie's and thought why not, it has been a while. I ordered the smothered chicken, mac & cheese and cabbage. I was served an over-flowing plate of wonderful smelling, freshly prepared, piping hot food. And the taste was--DELICIOUS!! Everything on my plate was well-seasoned and well-cooked. While all of the dish components were quite tasty, the chicken was the clear stand out--deeply flavorful--to the bone. This was one of the best homestyle meals that I have had in restaurant in a good while. All of the flavors were just right for what it was.

Perhaps they have a new chef? Maybe it was an "on" night? All I know is that I will be back, and soon!

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  1. I'm glad to hear this. Over the last few years I've found this place highly variable; sometimes it is indeed on point delicious through and through, and other times the food feels more like leftovers. I'll give them another go around soon...

    1. Funny. I happened to want some greens and mac and cheese the other night. Manna on 135th (which by the way is 100x better than the two branchese on 125th put together) was closed. I popped into Miss Maudes Spoonbread and took my sides home. I must confess they were pretty good. I've also had pretty unimpressive meals at both Miss Mamies and Miss Maudes. I guess I won't write them off yet.

      1. I highly recommend this place to anyone. I've been to Miss Mamie's twice over the past few months, and it's been great both times. The ambience is fun (although service is slow-ish), and everything I've tried so far has been delicious. The sampler platter is the best bet -- otherwise the dishes can be a bit too much of one thing. Favorites included the ribs and shrimp (we found the fried chicken to be slightly dry), and every side dish; the candied yams and black-eyed peas in particular were amazing. And the banana pudding for dessert is ridiculously good, but I can't imagine finishing an entire portion by myself.

        1. I have to admit the fried shrimp there is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Wonderfully well seasoned (which is rare when it comes to fried shrimp) and a lovely coating. The ribs too are really above average. I prefer the 110th location over the other one.

          1. I will be on 112 & Bway this eve .. is this a place you can sit & eat at or more take-out style? I think I'll try it! I was at Amy Ruth's last week on 116th but I'm thinking that's not quite close enough? Any other suggestions for dinner in the 112th area?

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              Yes. It is primarily a eat in place although they do offer take out. I might also suggest Rack & Soul around 109th Street and B'way.