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Nov 22, 2006 03:18 PM

Grandma's Thai in Van Nuys, Worth Checking Out?

It looks interesting and was going to pop in tonight, does anyone have dish suggestions?

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  1. I've found Grandma's Thai to be better than average. Pad Kee Mow (listed as Spicy Noodles) is pretty good. Tom Kha Kai is good, very rich, but the portion is about half of what you get at Sri Siam over in NoHo, and it's not quite as delicious as theirs. Good panang and red curry--very sweet, but enjoyable. I prefer Sri Siam, but hey, that's me. Grandma's does decent work.

    1. I've eaten there twice. I've tried the coconut thai seafood soup (not sure of the exact name) it has shrimp, mussels, crab, oysters, lemongrass, and some other kind of shellfish. We got it spicy and it was really good. The 2nd time I tried it, it was too darn salty. I sent it back to add more liquids to cut the saltiness out. If you order this you have to #1 Get Seafood lovers to share it with you because it's a lot! They bring it out in stainless steel pot with a portable flame at the bottom to keep warm at your table. Not sure if this has changed since I haven't gone there in over 5 years.

      I've tried the Chicken and beef sate's and they're really good. Also, their noodles and beef broccoli were delicious. Their Thai ice tea is really good.

      1. Thank you all, I will try your suggestions!