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Nov 22, 2006 03:04 PM

Dinner before the Met

Need a suggestion for a lovely dinner near the Metropolitan Opera, or near the Hudson (58th between 8th and 9th). Italian, French, new American are best bets.


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  1. I've posted this recently, but we were in NY two weekends ago and went to opening night of Barber of Seville. Some other Chowhounds had recommended Cafe des Artistes for us and we loved it. It was just a couple of blocks from the Opera. We had reservations at 5:00 PM and had a wonderful time. The food and the service were outstanding.

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      Thanks! We are going to see Barber of Seville as well; believe I will take you up on that suggestions.

      1. re: linFinkle

        It was wonderful. That was my first trip ever to the opera and the performace was really great. Very funny! Have fun!

    2. As on another thread, I respectfully disagree with Andiereid about Cafe des Artistes. While that might have been his/her experience, ours was the total opposite, i.e., only so-so food, exceedingly brusque service, and seating that was very cramped and uncomfortable.

      There are, in my view, far better options available.

      We have been to Compass many times pre-Lincoln Center, and all have been exceptionally fine experiences. Though it has taken a rap because of the many chefs' changes since it opened, the current chef, John Fraser, has now been there for quite some time, and his New American cuisine is first-rate. Service is cordial and professional. The large space has attractive contemporary decor, and we always ask for one of their cozy, comfy booths though being seating at a table would pose no discomfort.

      We have not yet managed to get to Telepan, which opened earlier this year. But no surprise that it is getting uniformly positive reports on this and other food forums because chef/owner Bill Telepan has an excellent pedigree.

      Hope you enjoy the performance at the Met and Bon Appetit!

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      1. re: RGR

        Disagreement is always welcome. I've had bad experiences at restaurants other people loved, and of course, the other way round. I've only eaten there once, and would certainly defer to a local.

        I am a girl, by the way.

        1. re: Andiereid

          Andiereid, We locals do want visitors to have only excellent dining experiences, so I'm actually glad you enjoyed Cafe des Artistes. :-) Perhaps, they've made some significant changes since we were there. Your experience almost makes me want to try it again to see. (I did say "almost." lol)

          Thanks for clarifying the he/she conundrum. I've occasionally been referred to as "he" when, as regulars know, I am, in fact, a "she."

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            I did have a delicous meal there, and the staff was all extremely nice and fell all over themselves trying to serve us. The poor waiter felt terrible when the bartender told him he couldn't make my husband a mojito. Wish I could say the same for the service at DB Bistro Moderne. Food was outstanding, but quite possible the worst waiter I've ever had.

            I get the "he" thing a lot with a name like Andie. And I'm in the computer consulting business, so most people assume I'm a guy before they see me or talk to me.

        1. I definitely suggest Telepan. It is far better than either Compass or Cafe de Artiste. I have been to both, although quite some time ago. Compass was very good however it was several years ago and I don't know many chefs ago and Cafe de Artiste was just plain awful. I had never been and wanted to see the famous murals, so one pre-Lincoln Center evening we went and that was enough. However Telepan's food is great. I have gone for dinner twice and once for brunch. I am not crazy about their service. I think it should be better for that caliber restaurant but the food is delicious.

          1. We have been to Telepan and in fact are going tomorrow night before Lincoln Center. We had an excellent experience.
            Several weeks ago we had a wonderful meal at Picholine right before the Bruni review.
            Be prepared to pay big bucks at Picholine, but in my opinion, it's worth it.