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Nov 22, 2006 02:58 PM

Coming to TO this weekend, need food itinerary

I know this is a little last minute but my boyfriend and I will be coming to Toronto this weekend (arriving late Friday night and leaving around dinner time Sunday). Considering we have such a short amount of time I'm not sure which of the restaurants that I've read reviews on here would be the best fit for us. I would like to keep Saturday dinner under $200 (before tax and tip). Also breakfast and lunch for Saturday and Sunday. Pretty much any type of cuisine is welcome, but I would prefer a place where business casual is acceptable. Also we hate making reservations (we usually can't decide what we want until we see it) but don't mind waiting.

I've seen that there is a food and wine expo going on, would that be worth checking out?

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  1. Give the food and wine show a miss. See this thread:

    You don't say where you're coming from, what part of town is convenient to you, and what kind of food you'd prefer. European? Asian? Are you meat-lovers? Are you looking for exotic tastes?

    "Business casual" is acceptable in virtually any restaurant in town.

    1. There's seperate thread on the food & wine show and the consensus seems to be to NOT go...check out the thread

      1. We're coming from Rochester, NY and staying in the Bloor-Yorkville area. We prefer to use the metro, but if we have to drive we will.

        Since the weather is turning I'd prefer meals that are more on the hearty side, definitely meat lovers PLEASE no tofu. I'd prefer to stay away from Italian and Steakhouses unless there's one that is an abolutely do not miss spot.

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          You might want to check out the threads on two restaurants that have opened recently and been much praised and discussed:



          Both are two minutes from their respective subway station. Both offer hearty meals. I've had a couple of meals at Trevor, and hors d'oeuvres at Globe. They rock.

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            Globe sounds fantastic, does anyone know if the tasting menu will still be available this weekend? *please say yes* *please say yes* :)

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            Don't bother trying any of our "southern barbeque" places--you'll never equal your fabulous Dinosaur ;>)

          3. Dinner in your area, I like Boba some people like Pangea

            Brunch - a little on the expensive side would be at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), but the menu is usually nice. Otherwise, check out, I don't think they take reservations for brunch though. I'm used the line ups there if I go before 1pm.

            Enjoy your weekdend!

            1. Studio Cafe in the Four Seasons Yorkville has a to die for brunch. Reservations are recommended, but not 100% necessary.

              Do not eat at Sassafraz no matter what you may read or be told. Total waste of money.

              'Please no tofu' should be a t-shirt.

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                We second the Studio Cafe -- Lobster Risotto is lovely, if you order off the regular lunch menu (instead of brunch)... :)