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Nov 22, 2006 02:32 PM

Lobster Trap (Asheville) anyone else been lately?

We were there recently and I was surprised/disappointed to see that they are now charging for their bread. It is an ok French baguette but $1.50??? I had a tomato based soup w/ seafood and had to spit out some of the crab/shrimp that tasted bad. I sent back a side dish (pumpkin) that was tasteless but my husband enjoyed his shrimp gumbo. Lots of wait staff and good service and some interesting new menu options. Maybe I just picked the wrong items.

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  1. Have stayed away due to uneven notices here and having lived previously in Charleston, SC. What say you, Chowhounds?

    1. You sent back a dish that was tasteless? nothing wrong with it, just bland?