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Nov 22, 2006 02:27 PM

Bakeries in Westchester? Need a great loaf of bread

I am looking for a great bakery in westchester where I can get a fresh loaf of good bread.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Port Chester --- The Kneaded Dough on Main Street. All kinds of fresh baked breads, rolls and other items - all baked daily. It's great.

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    1. re: laylag

      I second this one. Kneaded bread is my favorite bakery anywhere within 15-20 miles.

    2. The Bread Factory on Division Street in New Rochelle. Same bread without the crowds.

      For good, not great, bread -- Neri in PortChester. Not sure of the street, but if you drive down Westchester Ave. towards Price Club and see a big grey building on your right, that's Neri. Good bread, and cheap.

      Oh, and J.J. Cassone in PortChester -- I think they sell to the public. Not sure at all what street they are on, though.

      1. Neri's is on Pearl Street, off of Westchester Avenue. If I recall, you can get a baker's dozen of rolls there for $1.

        JJ Cassone is Regent Street (also off of Westchester Avenue), across the street from Park Deli. Like their bread a lot, not expensive.

        1. The Bread Factory is good but very different from Kneaded Bread. BF has an old time taste which recalls neighborhood bakeries - but very well done unlike most neighborhood bakeries. It's top notch and I love their buttery chocolate chip loaf which somehow is both light and dense.

          Kneaded Bread is a contemporary artisan bakery. In my book, it can't be beat. The chocolate bread is yeasty, crusty and filled with pockets of rich dark chocolate - never too sweet. The chocolate cake (ya think I like chocolate?)is the best I've had, anywhere - truly. The frosting is butter. Butter with deep flavor, but butter. Its outrageous; a truly great frosting. The bread is beautiful too - baguettes to rival any in America.

          I almost stopped there today on my way home, now I know I should have.

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          1. re: wesfoodie

            The Bread Factory is an artisan bakery too and has on site a 25 year old starter proof, if I recall correctly.

            I also like that you can pick out your own breads, pick them up with your own papered hand, at The Bread Factory. Can't do that at Kneaded Bread. I will give Kneaded Bread the best almond croissants in Westchester, a little better even than La Rennaissance in Larchmont, and their donuts on Sunday are delicious.

            However, I find the crowds and setup offputting, but bronkers, YMMV.

          2. I have just discovered Bellantoni's Bakery on Fulton St, off Rte. 119 in White Plains/Hartsdale. Delicious crusty Italian loaves, ciabatta, round "Arthur Avenue"-type loaves, and - surprise - a scrumptious pecan pie that I picked up on Thanksgiving.

            The best part...they're open 24/7.