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Nov 22, 2006 02:24 PM

Charlotte - pre-theater (Blumenthal) dinner

We'd like a nice dinner before seeing Spamalot. We are staying downtown (Trade St) so we want something near the theatre. Can anyone help us narrow down some of our options? We like French, Italian, Sushi, eclectic cuisine, BBQ or Chinese.

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  1. Aquavina, Blue, LaTorre’s, Mimosa Grill, as well as Morton’s and Capital Grill are popular uptown destinations. There are several recent Charlotte threads on here you may want to search.

    1. La Vecchia's (seafood) is another great restaurant uptown. For a less formal atmosphere, but still great food, try RiRa (an Irish Pub), or The Graduate.

      1. Don't forget that Spamalot is at Ovens Auditorium on Independence Blvd, not at the Blumenthal. I would try Carpe Diem on Elizabeth Ave, short jump to Ovens from there

        1. cutter - oops, thank you for pointing that out!