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Nov 22, 2006 02:18 PM

Where can I buy veal demi glace?

I need veal demi glace for a recipe. Ideally, I'd love a place in the Union Square area, but would be happy to travel a bit.

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  1. citarella

    edit to add :oops didnt see Union Square.. Well I know its there..

    1. whole foods in union square, look in the meat dept. but get there quick that store is a mad house this time of year

      1. D'Artagnan makes veal demi-glace. Garden of Eden carries it, and one of their markets is at Union Square, on 14th St.

        1. Dean & Deluca in Soho - meat counter.

          1. i think you could find this at chelsea market, in the buon italia store.