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Sushi Jin in Silver Spring?

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Anyone tried this new Sushi place on Fenton in Silver Spring?

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  1. Very disappointing. We gave it two chances, even though I am suspicious of Japanese places run by Koreans, because I am so desperate for Japanese in the neighborhood. The sushi is nothing great. The only thing we liked was a sort of Korean hotpot thing.

    Also the prices seem quite high for what you get. Like four little skewers of underseasoned chicken yakitori - with pineapple?! - on bland fried rice was 13.95. It was something I could have made identically or better at home, and what's more I could have gotten something five times as tasty for half the price if I'd walked down the street to Thai Derm or the Burmese place.

    I am very picky about Japanese - have taken vacations where the main point is eating Japanese food - so your mileage may vary. But I won't go back.

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      The only korean owned sushi joint that I've been to in this area that's decent is Osaka in Greenbelt, MD, across from NASA. It's in the same strip mall where Bombay Masala is located, which used to or still does serve indian/chinese food. They have a sushi h-hour on weekdays.

    2. I realize my post is late but i had to comment since I just got lunch from there. This was my second time, and again, I'm so disappointed. I got a teriaki salmon bento box and an assortment of sushi. The salmon was sliced too thin and dry, the nori was chewy, the rice had been sitting out awhile and was hard on top, the stir-fried vegetables- tasteless, and the dumplings soggy. Need I say more? The only thing I enjoyed was the tofu with some kind of sauce on top. I hardly ate any of it, and 15 bucks later, I'm still hungry.

      1. A five minute walk from my house, but I won't go back. I fully expect it to go out of business in the near future. Here are my problems with Sushi Jin:

        1. Waaaaay overpriced. I got Tempura Udon, which is a big bowl of soup with a couple of pieces of veggie tempura and ONE shrimp and it was $12!!! Someone else at the table got Dori Dori (often called "yakitori"), which consisted of four skewers of alternating bites of chicken and chunks of pineapple, and a huge mound of rice, for $14!!! The sushi was incredibly expensive, too. No piece of nigiri was less than $3.95. Sure, there are two pieces, but, well, keep reading...

        2. Mediocre food. For those prices, you'd expect the food to be really good. Or at least authentic. It's barely average, and kind of an Asian Fusion vibe, not Japanese. A person at my table had been to Japan several times, and he'd never seen yakitori where the meat was alternated with something else. The pineaple was obviously just filler. The menu didn't even mention that it was part of the dish. The "shrimp tempura" udon had one shrimp in it; need I say more? The sushi rice was too sweet and somehow tasted like it had lime in it. Yuck.

        3. Poor service. The waitress rushed us through our drink order. Then two of the main courses (there were 4 people at the table) came out before the appetizer. Then the appetizer came out, then the sushi. No one asked if we wanted dessert. I felt like they just wanted to get rid of us, even though they weren't closing for a while and there were only a few other parties in there.

        I'll continue to drive to Yosaku on Wisconsin Ave. for authentic Japanese and great sushi at reasonable prices, or even Matuba in Bethesda.

        1. I so want to like Sushi Jin (due to the slim sushi pickins in downtown SS), but we will never eat there again. We tried it again two nights ago, after my better half kept trying to remind me that we didn't like it the first two times. At the risk of being redundant, I'll echo the complaints about it being way overpriced and way mediocre. My $13.95 rainbow roll was so measly and not very fresh. The service was so neglectful it was rude. We had to track down a server when we wanted the check, and she didn't clear one plate the entire meal, so we sat there waiting for our check with dirty dishes on the table most of the evening. It's really too bad, because SS needs some sushi options.

          I've found many Korean-owned Japanese sushi restaurants, however, that were just fine. Most Japanese restaurants in this country are not Japanese-owned, from what I understand, and I don't think the Korean-owned = bad generalization sticks.

          1. Silver Spring desperately needs a Tokyo Taipei.

            1. Good food BUT... very pricey and the most disgusting thing happened when I was there! First sign of a problem should have been that there was only 2 other customers there at 7:15 for dinner, but okay could be a slow night... THEN... the kitchen staff and the 2 sushi chefs were all eating freshly cooked food behind the bar where they prepare food!! I was sitting at the bar, thank goodness my food was already served or I would have left. After they were done eating and drinking behind the sushi bar, one of the sushi chef's picks up his used tooth pick from the shelf and starts picking at his teeth BEHIND the bar where they prepare food and in the public's eye. How unsanitary!!! Then when he was done with the toothpick he placed it back on the shelf!! Place is expensive and feels unsanitary due to what I experienced!