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Nov 22, 2006 01:23 PM

Sushi Jin in Silver Spring?

Anyone tried this new Sushi place on Fenton in Silver Spring?

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  1. Very disappointing. We gave it two chances, even though I am suspicious of Japanese places run by Koreans, because I am so desperate for Japanese in the neighborhood. The sushi is nothing great. The only thing we liked was a sort of Korean hotpot thing.

    Also the prices seem quite high for what you get. Like four little skewers of underseasoned chicken yakitori - with pineapple?! - on bland fried rice was 13.95. It was something I could have made identically or better at home, and what's more I could have gotten something five times as tasty for half the price if I'd walked down the street to Thai Derm or the Burmese place.

    I am very picky about Japanese - have taken vacations where the main point is eating Japanese food - so your mileage may vary. But I won't go back.

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      The only korean owned sushi joint that I've been to in this area that's decent is Osaka in Greenbelt, MD, across from NASA. It's in the same strip mall where Bombay Masala is located, which used to or still does serve indian/chinese food. They have a sushi h-hour on weekdays.

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          1. I realize my post is late but i had to comment since I just got lunch from there. This was my second time, and again, I'm so disappointed. I got a teriaki salmon bento box and an assortment of sushi. The salmon was sliced too thin and dry, the nori was chewy, the rice had been sitting out awhile and was hard on top, the stir-fried vegetables- tasteless, and the dumplings soggy. Need I say more? The only thing I enjoyed was the tofu with some kind of sauce on top. I hardly ate any of it, and 15 bucks later, I'm still hungry.