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Whose got the best NEW YEAR"S EVE dinner?

I know it's only November, but I like to plan ahead...

We're looking for a great New Year's Eve dinner for four...any kind of food, anywhere in the downtown, central, or eastern part of the city. We're willing to spend about $200.00 per couple, with drinks-but, any price range will do, as long as the food and atmosphere are good.

Whose got the best New Years Eve dinner? Where have you been before?

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  1. What if one doesn't have a choice to stay home? My wife and I are flying in just for the break, and are looking for a place for New Year's Eve. Price or value is not an option, but food/service/atmosphere definitely is. Where should we go (again, this is for New Year's Eve. I have heard many horror stories about good places turning terrible on special days, so I want to avoid those)


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      Pick a place with impeccable service, on the assumption that if they get it right every day, they can handle New Year's Eve.

      Now WHICH place? What price range, what kind of cuisine, and which part of town do you prefer?

      1. re: estragon

        Absolutely no price/value limitations. I am willing to pay for the finest food.
        No preference in cuisine either.
        As long as it is within the GTA.

        Overall, I just want a nice, quiest place with impeccable service and the finest food for New Year's Eve.
        I have heard that Susur is terrible for special days. I have already been to Kaji, Truffles, Scaramouche, Splendido and North 44 so I want to avoid those as well. Perigee is closed for the holiday.

        Any ideas?


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          Is Canoe open? They're so professional, I can't imagine them messing up. Also, Auberge du Pommier is a fantastic room in winter (18th-century farm house). The food is superb at both.

    2. NovoCuisine, did you end up at Beer Bistro or BierMarkt? The former is usually very good, the latter is terrible.

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        Gosh, I must apologize big time to Beer Bistro - I totally meant BierMarkt was a disaster for NYE. And haven't really loved service there any other time either.

        Love Beer Bistro - go there all the time for great lunches.

        Thank you for recognizing I must've made a mistake in my post ;) Not sure how my brain momentarily mixed them up.

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          My friends and I were contemplating the Bier Markt for New Years, smaller venue, not a club...seemed like a winner?!

          What were the reasons Novocuisine didn't enjoy it?

          1. re: pamplemoose78

            Where to begin?

            It was supposed to be a 5-course menu with beer pairings. We were seated at 7:45 and by 1:30 a.m. we received 3 of the 5 courses. Other 2 never arrived.

            The beers were brought to us completely randomly, so it defeated the purpose of pairing them with the food.

            As a gesture of goodwill, they sent a bottle of sparkling wine to our table. Which they charged us for at the end of the night - along with a second bottle we never ordered or consumed.

            So, we missed out on the festivities, since we were waiting on food all night - constantly being reassured the food "was coming". At the end of the night an exasperated waiter ripped up our bill, which was a large bar tab (dinner, which we didn't receive in full, was pre-paid).

            I know New Years is a busy time.. but with a fixed menu, I don't know how it took 5 hours to get out three courses (one being a tiny palate cleanser).

        2. Last year, we went to Wish for the early seating. Service was good, food was good and martinis made the evening even better! Meal came to about $50/person with drinks.

          1. I went to Susur last year with my husband and it was fantastic - we were there for about 4-5 hours, and they brought champagne around at midnight - it was lovely.
            (cost at least an arm and a leg, but worth it!)

            1. I know PeterM; I was speaking generally & also to Starvin. To you, I say Scaramouche!

              But if you don't want to go there (which you said), I'd aim for some other, similarly conservative spot. I don't go to that type of place much, so my knowledge base is limited. But I'd be looking for something restrained and exclusive, that knows how to keep the drunken crowds at bay ;-)

              1. Spitgot, slightly off-topic, but thought I should mention that if you used to like Lolita's Lust you might want to follow Laura Prentice to Tomi-Kro at 1214 Queen St E.

                Since all of us know what cabs are like that night (prepare to fight) perhaps Starvin & PeteM can clue us in as to where they're staying so we can suggest walking distance/ttc friendly places. You can wear nice clothes on the subway as long as you don't sit down. Just a thought.

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                  What kind of food does Tomi-Kro serve?

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                    I *didn't* actually like Lolita's Lust, Googs, it was just one of those places - unavoidable if you were a certain age and living in the east end.

                    And I second your request - PeterM, tell us where you're staying!

                  2. Thanks for the suggestions...

                    I'm warming up to the idea of having a fabulous dinner at home, courtesy of the St. Lawrence Market...

                    I forgot about the scarce cabs, etc;

                    1. I'm goin to the HoP.. they have a fixed menu for 50$.. and I'll try to recall what you get with it.. they told me on the phone in great detail with some very interesting accompaniments, and I really cant remember, but I'll give you an idea. You get:
                      Glass of wine
                      Amuse bouche (they didnt know what it would be yet)
                      Soup- choice of Lobster bisque tentatively or some other not yet determined alternative
                      Salad- choice of some type of smoked gravlax salad or some beef carpaccio salad
                      Mains-peppercorn crusted steak of some sort with fois gras
                      lamb with some type of blood orange glaze with couscous type accompaniment
                      cod risotto
                      Some type of poultry (I didnt really hear this one very well)
                      Dessert- tentatively possibly choice of some type of passion fruit tart and some chocolate based dessert

                      It sounded like a pretty good deal for 50$ and I think the atmosphere would be fun for new years in my opinion.

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                        House on Parliament seems to be slipping really fast in the last couple of months. I thought the food was amazing every single time we were there before. In fact we never had a single miss as far as the food was concerned. The last 3 times we were there, the food got progressively worst... from bad to very bad. Service is as good as usual however. So take this as a grain of salt for NYE! (I know they changed chefs this past fall).

                        1. re: tekkamaki

                          Yah I was there at the end of November, and I must admit, it might just be that I havent been in a while and cant QUITE recall what the pulled pork sandwhich tasted like before with the old chef( all I remember is that it was amazing), this visit I found it not 'as good' as I remembered. I still thoroughly enjoyed it of course, but we'll just have to see how it turns out on NYE. Personally, I'm going there more b/c I love the people who frequent HOP.. they're fun, sociable and the staff is great too. And plus, for 50$, you get alot. So I'll willing to take my chances.