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Nov 22, 2006 12:00 PM

Good restaurants in Birmingham

In full appreciation of the wide variety of excellent restaurants in London, it would be great if we could begin a discussion that would generate a list of various restaurants in Birmingham.

Whenever I go out for a nice dinner research usually constitutes of web searches which leave a lot to question and certainly miss out on a number of restaurants.

I'm happy to list three of my favorites to begin with -
Belissimo's in Harborne is a neighborhood gem with consistent service and quality of food.

Bengal Cha in Stirchley is another neighborhood favorite - balti house - of friends.

And if you haven't tried Wagamama's in the Bull Ring it is well worth it with affordable and interesting dishes (if you ask, the green tea is free :)

I look forward to any additional postings.


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  1. I had lunch at Jessica's in Edgebaston recently and was pretty impressed. One star Michelin in a pretty consevatory, good modern French food and professional service values.