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Nov 22, 2006 11:56 AM

runny cranberry sauce

I'm making the orange cranberry sauce from Cooks for the first time this year (with a little extra spices for kick!) It tastes great, but the consistency is more like corn syrup than jelly.

Did I heat too long or not long enough? Would you correct (and how) or just leave as is?

Many thanks and happy cooking!


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  1. maybe add some whole berries to it

    1. Did you make this 'too runny' determination while it was still hot/warm? It will really gel up a lot as it cools. If you put it in the frig overnight, I bet it will be perfect tomorrow.

      any other Pams care to comment!!

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      1. re: PamelaD

        I hoped it would firm up when cool, but some of it is still very juicy. Many of the berries are still fairly whole, so there is texture.

        1. re: sljones

          I would say that you didn't cook it long enough if the berries are fairly whole. I cook them until most have burst.

      2. OK- so put back in the saucepan (and add a little more sugar, maybe?) and simmer for a while longer. I agree, till all the berries have popped. Then chill.
        And do not get to stressed! Even if it is not as thick as you would like, it will taste great. Tell your guests this is the new gourmet way to serve cranberry sauce!


        1. Thanks! Many of the cranberries had "popped" so that was why I was reluctant to continue to cook! But adding more sugar is a good idea, and you're right! It tastes great regardless!