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Nov 22, 2006 11:39 AM

Extra Virgin Italian restaurant, in Shirlington

Has anyone been here yet? I think it's pretty new. Hubby's work is having a holiday party there.

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    1. Thanks Dennis, I did see that but I was hoping for a few more details.

      1. It's all right. Nothing special. I was underwhelmed by the mediocrity of the food and the inattentiveness of the staff. There's nothing very special about the food or the place itself. The location is good, but with all the construction going on in Shirlington right now, it's a schlepp.

        You might be better going up the street to Bistro Bistro, which is always very, very good, or a bit further to Carlyle Grand, also very good.

        My personal Shirlington favorite happens to be Charlie Chiang's, right across the street from Extra Virgin. Check out their Crispy Hot Beef. It's phenomenal.

        1. I ate at Extra Virgin Saturday night. Perhaps early reviews were at a point when th erestaurant was just getting its legs. I tried it because it is very convenient to Signature Theater one block away.

          I found the ambiance nice with table snot crowded adn a XM jazz inthe background. The noise level was not bothersome. Service was attentive and acknowledgeable.

          The food exceded my expectations. I was expecting chain restuarant quality food and was pelasantly surprised. Teh wione list is modest but good and very reasonable prices. For appeetizers, my GF ordeed fored calamari. They were forgetable. I had fried zuchinni blossums stuffed with seafood mousse. They were very good and. Both came with a spicy arriabatta sauce that we both lied very much. My entrees, she had the lasanga which she said was oen of the best she every had in a restaruant. Teh pasta sheets were vey thin which made quite a light dish rahter than the usual heavy lasagna. It need a spsicy sauce however. I had rissotto with clams and artichokes. Very tasty; I enjoyed it very much. For dessert, she had a wam chocalte and hazelnut cake and I had a berry tart. Both were delicious.

          The bill for two appetixers, two entrees, and two desserts, with one bottle on wine was about $115 (with tax, pre-tip). Certainly an inexpensive meal and we will definitely try it again. It's not worth a trip across town to visit but if you are in the neighborhood, you should try it.

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            I thought it was ok, certainly if you are in the neighborhood and want italian, but for the price if you are willing to travel some much better places aren't too far away, of course I went their for Valentine's Day so it was a while ago and found it was ok, very noisy and crowded, but could have been a busy night which made it hard on the staff and cooks.

            I also thought where we were seated the tables where way too close, but again this could have been packing them in for V-Day. It is hard for me to go to Shirlington and pass up Carlyle or Luna no matter what I think I am in the mood for. Maybe I will have to try this place again though. Thanks for giving a new review for an old thread.