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Nov 22, 2006 11:33 AM

Early Ottawa

What are some non-breakfast places in Ottawa that open early, like around 7 or 8?
For example, I know that Boko Bakery opens at 7. What else?

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  1. Most bakeries open early, since they bake the bread at dawn.

    Ditto coffee shops, because of the morning rush.

    Diners might be open if they're downtown.

    I'd be more specific but I don't know what you're looking for, exactly.

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    1. re: piccola

      Anything and everything :)
      By the way, I am downtown located.

      1. re: corneggs

        Le Boulanger Fran├žais opens at 7 am (I should know - I used to do the opening).
        I second Mello's and Planet Coffee.
        Further on Bank, there are a string of diners that open early - Bramasole, Ada's, El Morocco.
        In the Glebe, Kettleman's is open 24/7.
        I'm not sure what time Caffe Zucchero opens, but the breakfast there is awesome.

        1. re: piccola

          I didn't know zucchero had breakfast - i am definitly going to try it. In that neighbourhood, the scone witch is yummy, although I don't know how early it opens.
          I like Bramasole too. good counter!

          1. re: Julie Woo

            To be fair, I'm not sure how early Zucchero opens, but they serve breakfast, so I guess 7-8ish?

    2. The only place I go to early is Mello's on Dalhousie. The food is pretty regular diner stuff but the characters in the place make up for it. I am also a counter person so I love it there. Also, planet coffee is open fairly early and I love thir chow and great coffee to boot.

      1. I think Elgin Street Diner is 24 hours. I know people who love the place, but I'm not sure that it's for the food, if you know what I mean.

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        1. re: HenryT

          I've been to Elgin Street. It was 2 AM and I was craving poutine...the rest is history.

        2. Ottawa Bagel Shop is open quite early. great breakfast bagel.