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Nov 22, 2006 08:43 AM

Having Brunch at Blue Hill @ Stone Barns - worth the drive from NYC?

We have never been there and we have a reservation next Sunday. I have looked at their online menu, unsure of whether it changes or is updated, but it doesn't seem that appealing considering the $42 per person cost.

Is it worth our time to drive out from NYC for this brunch?

Thank you.

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  1. do a search - i've never been, but there are plenty of raves.

    1. It is worth it. I have had dinner there but not brunch. The food is fresh and perfectly seasoned and sauced.

      1. I have not been to BH@SB, but from what I've read, I wouldn't bother with brunch -- at least, not this time of year. Perhaps, late spring or summer when it would be pleasant to tour the grounds and facilities. On the other hand, dinner does sound as though it would be worth a substantial drive though, again, my preferance would be for a summer menu.

        1. I have had both dinner and lunch at BH@SB ... Dinner is outstanding and well worth the drive from almost anywhere.
          While I liked lunch, I wouldn't go back to have it again. The $42/person can be a bit of a low estimate when all is said and done ...
          Save your money and gas for when you can get a dinner reservation.
          As above, I would second the suggestion to go at a more "bountiful" time of year when you can also enjoy the venue.

          1. I haven't been excited by the food I've eaten at my two dinners at BH@SB. So I'd *rather* go for brunch/lunch, especially if it's a nice day, so I could walk around the grounds and enjoy the beauty of the environs.