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Nov 22, 2006 07:18 AM

Apple Cider Doughnuts?

I know it's been asked, but Oak Glen (San Bernardino) is so very far.

Has anyone found apple cider doughnuts within LA County? I thought I'd ask, with the onslaught of doughnut posts lately.

As a tagalong, who has the best cider (pressed juice, no alcohol) in town?

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  1. As far as apple cider donuts go, I'm no expert, but I have eaten apple cider doughnuts at the source, i.e. at apple orchards in the Northeast, so I kinda know what you are going for. They definitely have them at Frittelli in Beverly Hills (ooh, la, la!), the new gourmet doughnut place in BH.

    I work in BH, and one of the partners brought some of their fare in to the office the other day, and I do have to say the cake doughnuts are quite good. I tend to be a raised doughnut fan personally, but the cake doughnuts from Frittelli were quite tasty, far better than the raised samples we had. In particular, the maple cake and the chocolate cake doughnuts were delicious.

    According to their menu, they've also got apple cider doughnuts on the menu. My experience of those is that they are more typically in the cakey variety, so I'd suggest you give Frittelli a try.

    1. Thank you!!! I may have to pick some up on Friday when I'm braving the crowds in that area... Hmmmm!!! :)


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        So I went to Frittelli and the lady said they weren't making Apple Cider Donuts just yet... perhaps for Christmas... :P Still, with the jones, I got a Apple Fritter. It was good, plenty of apples, but for $2.00 it really was not SPECTACULARLY better than any other Apple Friter I've had...