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Nov 22, 2006 07:13 AM

Eating in Rome on Christmas

We'll be in Rome on Christmas day, and people warn me that "everything" will be closed. I assume that restaurants in hotels will be open, but I don't want to just walk in randomly. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. YOu might want to do a search on this Board and International - there have been other threads on this topic. A minority of restaurants will be open, but you WILL find some - certainly there are Romans who want to eat out on this day - probably better luck at lunch than dinner and probably not so great in the central business district which tend to be closed on Sundays and holidays. I would try in areas like Monti, Testaccio, Prati,San Lorenzo,Caelio, where more romans live and, if you are arriving before Christmas day, walk around and note the signs - restaurants will usually post if they intend to close. If you see one you want to go to, walk in and reserve.

    1. Fair number of restaurants open in Rome on Christmas day. We had a great Christmas dinner at Al Ceppo, via Panama 2/a, 39-06-841-9696, in Parioli. Well known and well regarded. Reserve, fairly expensive. You can probably find reviews on line. The restaurant at the Eden Hotel is good but quite expensive.

      1. I should add that a lot of Roman restaurants do specials December 24th, which is when Italians tend to eat out for a special meal. I would think many if not most of the well known restaurants will be open Christmas Eve. We used to go the the Hotel Eden for a spectacular Dec 24th evening, but has gotten just too expensive in recent years.

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          1. I read somewhere else on this board that someone was going to Il Pagliccio is open on Christmas day (not sure if lunch or dinner) , you might want to check them out. But yeah, the big day for dinner here is the 24th.