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Nov 22, 2006 05:44 AM

Great Dickens Christmas Faire

Going to the 28th Annual Great Dickens Christmas Faire at the Cow Palace this opening weekend. My FIRST time ever so this is going to be an experience I hope.

Does anyone have any recommendations or what to avoid when dining there? Also some price ranges would be good too. I figure at $20/pp + $8/parking I'm already in the hole for a Grant (no not a grand, a "Grant" as in Ulysses).

I'm driving up from Santa Cruz County, and if we decide to venture into the city for dinner later, does anyone also have any suggestions for an affordable price. I know, the choices are amazing in the City!

Thanks for all the suggestions.

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  1. I enjoy the atmosphere at the Dickens Faire, but I don't go for the food. Last year I had gyros. It was okay. The food area is crowded and finding a table can be difficult. You probably won't want to linger. The area offers Greek--that might have been a better choice--fish and chips, meat pies, bangers etc. Not very exciting, but also not as horribly expensive as you might expect. What you must do is get an Irish coffee from the bar and take it with you to watch one of the shows. I liked the birds of prey.

    1. I like the sausages and soups and beers. it's a great fun day. Very worth the Grant !