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Nov 22, 2006 04:48 AM

KC-Report on The Drop

We had the chance to have dinner at this new bar/restaurant in the Martini Corner a few weeks ago with friends. The menu seemed to be somewhat limited (paninis, salads, bruschetta), but the flavors were inventive and the quality was quite good. The bruschetta was fun - 4 large slices of bread with your choice of toppings (about 12 to choose from). Four four of us, we ended up splitting an order of bruschetta, we all had different salads, then split two paninis. To finish, we had dessert paninis - fluffernutter and smores with banana (I think). The owners/waiters/chef were all very nice (even introducing themselves) and the service was good. We were the only people there at 7:45 on a Saturday night, but it was full by the time we left around 10:00. Will definately try again.

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