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Nov 22, 2006 03:43 AM

New Eritrean restaurant in Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa has a large Eritrean population but for years the only Eritrean food I've been able to find locally was at the Glendi festival... so when a friend told me about an Eritrean restaurant that had just opened, I was there like a shot. Cafe Santa Trata is at 711 Stony Point Rd, right next to Pho Vietnam. I've now eaten there twice-- after living with an unsatisfied injera craving for so long, it's difficult to stay away! They've obviously taken great care with the decor-- it's reminiscent of an upscale cafe (and, in fact, the only items listed on the menu on the wall are cafe items, as they didn't have their Eritrean menu printed when I was there). There was a platter of food near the register in place of a menu, so I'm afraid I can't tell you the names of what we've ordered. You can choose from two dinner options: a two item combination for $10.99 and a three item combination for $12.99. (It may have been $11.99-- at any rate, it seemed a bargain... enough for leftovers the next day.) Entrees included a spicy beef stew, a mild chicken dish that seemed to consist mostly of thigh meat and a mild lamb stew. Sides were mixed vegetables, yellow lentils, a spinach dish my husband adored and I think there may be one I've forgotten. Each combination comes with a small salad, and a folded wedge of injera along with the traditional "plate." We thought the injera was wonderful and especially enjoyed the beef stew, lentils and spinach. Would love to have some feedback about this place from interested Hounds!

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  1. What good news! Thanks, jeanlass, I'll have to try it. I'm a Glendi goer (and eater) too. Is that by Sebastopol Road in the big strip mall?

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I wasn't surprised that there's an Eritrean community. I go to Glendi, and my son's school was west of the Charles Shulz museum on Steele Lane. You see older ladies wearing traditional clothing around there, so it's not hard to figure out where they're from.

        1. Oh my,

          Just came back from Cafe Santa Trata! No need to drive down to SF, East Bay or San Jose for Eritrean food. The food is fabulous. It passed my nine year old Joshua test- the Injera is light, moist and tender. We tried the chicken, lentils, greens and salad. Taste sensations. I had my favorite comfort food, Phool, (pronounced fool), made of fava beans, red onion and serano chiles. My latte was made from excellent coffee (goodbye Starbucks and Peets). My son enjoyed his peach smoothie. We had plenty for left overs and left full.

          Joshua wants to make Cafe Santa Trata our Saturday morning weekly place. Thank goodness it is open from 7 am to 9 pm 7 days a week. I will have to take my coworkers there for lunch sometime soon.

          1. Well I too just came back from Santa Trata, wow. The lunch special was superb, zigne a kind of spicy beef stew, the best spinach I've ever had, shiro a sort of garbanzo stew and a salad served with absolutely delicious injera. Service was a bit slow but the warm smiles the waitress had more than made up for it. I'm pretty sure if they can get the bugs worked out they will do very well.