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Nov 22, 2006 02:53 AM

mailorder bananas??

On a couple of occasions over the years I have been able to mailorder assortments of interesting specialty bananas from Florida or California (the Florida vendor seemingly disappeared after Hurricane Andrew - I dont know how I lost track of the California company). We found this very interesting

Does anybody know of a company currently selling bananas by mailorder?

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  1. I doubt you'll find any, and that for a very specific issue: ALL bananas, irrespective of their conventional or organic status, are cut very early and preserved at low temp (32F, if I'm not mistaken), then fast-ripened in ethylene chambers prior to release. Once ripened in ethylene, shelf life is VERY short, barely two or three days. Not enough time for a mail order operation.

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      there were a couple of small operations (as stated, one in Cal and one in Fla) who grew and shipped within the US. The bananas didnt all get here with the same degree of ripeness, but they were still very good. Of course, not as good as bananas eaten where they grow...