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Nov 22, 2006 02:39 AM

Lunch for 7 or 8, Downtown - A Tough Group! Help!

So its a seasonal get-together for the team, good folks all, but the suggestions have been alongs the Applebee's line - I know, downtown is tough, and Roy's (Pacific fusion?) was mentioned, along with Italian, either of which which might be the fall-back, but c'mon guys, isn't there something down here to get excited about? A lengthy search of past posts turned up not much, and if Sophie's had more atmosphere, I might try a steer that way, as it's good food and at least a little ambiance we're looking for here, for modest bucks. So if nothing else, your fave downtown Italian? (Indian and Chinese already ruled out, btw.)

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  1. What's the budget and which part of downtown?
    For affordable italian for a large group I would say Otto but definitely try to get a reservation.

    1. Landmarc is my favorite in the neighborhood.