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Nov 22, 2006 02:20 AM

First time dining at Craft - updated recommendations please!

I've done a search of the boards but would love some updated recommendations about what to order at Craft. Seems like sweetbreads, short ribs and hen of the woods 'shrooms are the way to go - does this still hold true?
This is a dinner for four and we're looking to order a TON of dishes so please keep the recommendations coming!
Thanks chowhounders!

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    1. The 3 you list are a given... beyond that:

      Brussel Sprouts
      Roasted Carrots
      Monkfish (if it's on the menu)

      for dessert...
      Pain Perdu
      Roasted bananas

      1. Definitely the sweetbreads. Also, as I side, I really enjoyed the jerusalem artichokes

        1. Butternut squash and black truffle ravioli. A bit pricey but really great.

          1. Currently, the game is worth checking out. Partridge was better than the grouse. Also, I'd recommend the Wolf Snake farm beef, if they have it, ahead of the ribs. Hope I got the name right.

            But one of the best dishes in the city right now is the Escargot & Chicken Egg. Unless you hate snails, get it. If you hate snails based on the little, dark flavorless snails you usually see in New York, still get it.