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Nov 22, 2006 02:17 AM

thanksgiving restaurant suggestions???

I'm looking for a place that offers vegan/veggie, tho any good spot with quality veggie offerings is fine. Asian places often offer a wide selection of veggie stuff, f'rinstance. Any suggestions are welcome, and I can check on whether they're open. Tia.

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  1. where do you want to go to - DC ,VA or MD?

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    1. re: stoned

      maryland or dc is fine. i've found a couple places but any ideas are most welcome. this comes up a lot for me. thanx.

    2. If Columbia, MD is at all convenient, I would recommend The Mango Grove in the Dobbin Center off Route 175, only about five minutes rom the I-95 exit

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      1. re: elgringoviejo

        thanks. i called and they are closed but it's sounds like a great place to know about. definitely my kind of food. thanx.

      2. Last year we went to the Golden Corral in Hanover, MD. The Thanksgiving buffet was really good. We're planning on going back this afternoon.

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        1. re: DocChuck

          from my searches it seems this is a steak house. most definitely not on my radar. thanks anyway. i don't eat animals.